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I have mentioned a time or two in these letters that I really don’t like to see a day pass by without seeing both the sunrise and sunset. Nature’s ability to help us find the calm in the storm can make all the difference in our energy.

Sure, some days can be cloudy (in more ways than one) and it is those days when the sun peeks out in the beginning or at the end of the day to put off magnificent and inspiring colors in the clouds. 

My favorite aspect to nature though is the Moon. When I can see the moon and feel it’s radiance throughout it’s cycle, it fills me with happiness and a desire to keep on truckin’.

Speaking of the moon, did you see last week’s Blood Moon Eclipse?? While I was really looking forward to how the eclipse would look, I never imagined how much that moon would empower me in the way it showed up.

The bottom line is if we want to get along with others, we have to find the things that make us happy within ourselves. We have to actively seek and enjoy the wonders of this world. Whether it is a colorful falling leaf crossing you path, the sound of a nearby stream, or a rare eclipse of the Moon, nature is giving is all kinds of opportunities to nourish our energy.

With that let me ask you this…

What about nature do you enjoy the most? How often do you experience it?
If you choose, share with us in the comment section below.

With the season of fall right outside our doors, enjoy the unfolding of nature as she begins to curl up for the winter.

Easy Action Step: Put the words Nature’s Energy somewhere on your calendar. Make it a mental habit to actively seek that which you enjoy in nature, in order to replenish you on a consistent basis. Maybe it’s once a day, or once a month. The important thing is to block out time and dedicate yourself to becoming the best you can be. Creating this habit will do so much for your mental health and bottom line for your business.

Even something as simple as setting your desktop picture/screensaver to what you enjoy the most in nature can help to give you moments of recharge when you are working heavily on the computer.

The purpose of gaining Nature’s Energy is to make you smile more. When you are smiling, you are a magnet for others to smile right beside you!

The Blood Moon Story

Hanging out in nature is so much like hanging with dearest friends.  The sky, sun, moon, birds, bees, trees, lakes, rivers and the whole galactic family that we are floating around in is so truly amazing.

It all started a little before 7pm when my daughter Bailey asked me to take an early evening walk with her and our pooch Izzy. Feeling a little stiff from a day of gardening, it seemed like a wise choice. Remembering that the Blood Moon was due to arrive, I grabbed my “good” camera on my way out the door.

What a “good” idea that turned out to be. We walked down to the lake near us and then back up to the local farm which had a straight view to the east to see if the moon would give us an early evening appearance. 

As we came over a little ridge on the dirt road, today’s picture of the week was what awaited us. Quite literally, it made me scream out loud as it was so unbelievably beautiful.

Another bonus to the moment was that as we turned around to look at the sunset to the west, there was another classic Colorado sunset with its own unique colors and energy.

We headed home about 30 minutes after seeing the initial moonrise. The evening caused us to set up a “viewing area” near the garden to watch the unfolding of the eclipse over the stars. With a delicious dinner in front of us and a couple of Martinis in hand, Bailey and I watched the eclipse unfold. One of my favorite things about he Moon is how it always beautifully and gracefully changes. 

A most fun evening enjoying each other’s company. An evening that neither one of us will ever forget.

Below is a slide show of the amazing photographs that unfolded over the course of the evening. Enjoy!

To Your Successes and Victories, 
- Cheri

Cheri Ruskus 
Author, Business Growth Coach, 
and Founder of the Victory Circles