Victory happens the moment you open your eyes and decide to start a new day – your way.
— Cheri Ruskus

Welcome to Daylight Savings Time!

One of the most effective ways we have to manage our life and our business is by giving closer attention to how we spend our time.

My iPhone now gives me a summary every Sunday how I spent my time on my phone over the past week. Quite an eye opener to be sure!

Wouldn't it be great to track everything we do beyond the phone, giving us the ability to accurately know where all our time goes each wee? That would truly be the gift of real daylight savings time.

Looking differently again at my time as I do during this month every year, I have decided to go back to a time saving habit I drifted away from a few years back. That is giving every work day a regular theme and focus.

The idea behind this is that you are grouping your activities and energies around a common theme versus being all over the board running from here to there every single day. More intention, less reaction.

As an entrepreneur for past 30+ years I have had the opportunity to create my time as I see fit. However, with that said and you know this well if you also run your own business, there are days when you feel there is so much to do that your schedule actually controls every breath you take.

With my clients this month I am working through a process based on a worksheet called Time for Income.  The goal is to have them start to look at what is taking their time (like the iPhone) that they could be better spend elsewhere enhancing their business. And once that is accomplished, find quality chunks of time on a given day to put your focus where it gives you the best results.

The 5 ways to protect and leverage your time during the days of the typical M-F, 8am-5pm work week is to give each day the dedication to a task or process that matters most to the success you wish to achieve. I learned this technique many years ago during a coach training by the late Jennifer White, and Jack Dorsey (CEO of Square and Twitter) also follows this method.

Grouping time like this has served me well in the past and I have come to realize that the time has come to get it back into my routine. 

I encourage you to download the worksheet, Time for Income. Give yourself a couple of weeks to see how you are actually spending your time. Look at the reality of what you may be spending too much time doing or not enough. Then, work your time around that element to insure you pay attention to that critical task or tasks that make your business hum along peacefully. 

You may only need an hour or two each day to accomplish the tasks required once you do it on a regular basis allowing you to dig deeper into that element instead of always playing catchup and cleanup.

For myself here is how I have decided to let it shake out for now, allowing it to shift as required as this is a very fluid process. Keep in mind while I have emails, client calls, etc. throughout each day just like you this is where I want to focus my intention on during each specific day of the week.

Money and Business Management 
Work on the core elements of my business, especially around the financial details.

Coach and Inspire 
One of the two days a week I dedicate fully to coaching and enhancing my coaching tool kits in between client coaching appointments.

Partnership Building and Booking Speaking Engagements
Partnerships come in all shapes and sizes and it’s important to nurture those relationships as well as seeking out future speaking and teaching opportunities. Want to partner with me? Send me an email.

Coach and Inspire
Second day of my week dedicated to my clients, because some days you simply need to rinse and repeat to finish up the work that needs to be done.

Marketing and Growth
From creating new content materials (like this letter) to finding ways to educate and inspire myself in order to inspire others, on Fridays I like to stretch my ideas and find new ways to grow.

What would your perfect week of intention look like? Download the Time for Income Chart and begin to take a stronger hold on what you allow to have happen with your time each day. Whether you work for yourself or someone else it’s your mindset and what you do with your precious time that really matters.  Give it a whirl.

To Your Success and Victories,
- Cheri

Cheri Ruskus
Chief Encouragement Officer

Phone: 303-652-1718

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