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How often have you struggled with that five-letter word - money? Have you ever stared at the ceiling at night wondering what it would bring to your life in the hours, days, or years before you?

Ann Richards, former governor of Texas, shared in todays quote the idea of looking at money differently. As I have shared many times in this letter, how things change when we start to take the struggle component away.

 Today as we head towards April and exploring the Master Mind Principle of Self Control with Money I have some questions for you to answer - primarily to yourself.

These five questions are around your relationship with an element that we think of in its form mostly as paper. However, these days it really can be just numbers we see on the computer screen never actually seeing the physical form of money anymore - just what it represents.

 1. If money were no object - what would you be doing with the majority of your time each and every day?

2. Do you have a story around money? You know something that happened along your way to change your relationship with it.

3. Would you call yourself a spender, or a saver or somewhere in between?

4. Does money make you mostly smile or is it more a source of stress for you?

5. If you were to write a letter to money and the roll it plays in your life - what would you say?


Finally this morning lets look at money as an acronym.

Here is what it is for about you?

M - Maker of dreams and possibilities

O - One source of strength that asks for my regular attention

N - Numbers that allow for empowerment

E - Energy manipulator that can give or take energy

Y - Yes to so many things

So as the money discussions unfold we shall hear what they have to say! Yes, let's let money talk. It's interesting that it will talk differently for each of us. Stay Tuned and share your comments below...

Here's to money empowerment!

And... Here is to your Successes and Victories...

- Cheri 

Cheri Ruskus 
Author, Business Growth Coach, 
and Founder of the Victory Circles