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As you read the words of today’s Victory Letter what are your “to do’s” that must happen this week without a doubt?  

For those of us here in the United States, Wednesday marks that day every year when we come face-to-face with the pressing deadline of Tax Day on April 15th.  For some it is no big deal and for others they can feel this date putting heat on the back of their neck as it gets closer and closer.

In my work with small business owners over all these years I have come to see April as unfortunately that one time a year that business owners pay attention to what is “really” happening with the money piece of their business. Big wake up calls happen this time of year.

As this week’s title for the Victory Letter reflects, they see it as the time to get the money cobwebs removed from their financial world in order insure the overall profitability they are wishing to achieve.  In fact, in a research done by the National Bureau of Economic Research, 60% of Americans suffers from financial ignorance.

And just to be clear, the word ignorance (according to Webster’s Dictionary) means: “Lacking in knowledge of either general information or a specific field, uninformed, untaught and unenlightened.”

Since last fall I have been involved in a program with a wonderful Coach and Colleague, Jani McCarty that is called the Art of Extreme Self-Care.  It is a program derived from Cheryl Richardson’s book by the same name.  

With Jani’s powerful insights on this month’s focus of Soul Loving Space (all about removing the cobwebs from your physical space)… I want to share with you the elements to Examine, Evaluate, Eliminate and Enhance as it applies to our relationship with money. 

The first step is to stop and really look at what is causing the cobwebs around your money.  What is consistently stopping you from having a good relationship when it comes to managing all the elements around using it? 

As you examine perhaps your lack of savings, or available money to take that dream vacation, or paying your credit card off monthly, or efficiently growing your business, what is it that is really happening when you look money straight on? Be honest here, as the more truthful you are with yourself the more you will be able to fully examine your relationship with money.

Now it’s time to get even more painfully honest with yourself.  Make the time to write down in words what you love and hate about money.  Where does it enhance your life and where does rob you of joy in your life?  What habits have you developed that you know for sure are not serving you when it comes to money.  Again take the time required and write down everything that comes to mind.  

Start by looking at those habits that you loathe about your relationship with money. Who or what can best assist you to change the way you approach money. Perhaps you need to bring in an outside expert to give you the tools. Or simply set dates with yourself (and your significant partner) to face it straight on. The key is to not allow the bad habits to continue and taking the time to ensure that you are doing what needs to get done.  

There is a quote by Carrie Bradshaw (of Sex and the City) that I think beautifully summarizes looking at things from a fresh slate in order to move forward. She said, “After all, computers crash, people die, relationships fall apart. The best we can do is breathe and reboot.” With that idea of rebooting, look at enhancing your relationship with money as coming from a fresh perspective and confirming firmly with yourself that the past can no longer be your future.  

And then take a deep breath and begin again.  

It is my hope as you reflect on these four elements that will you will allow yourself to begin to take the steps necessary so that when April 15th comes next year the cobwebs around your relationship with money will be long gone.  

I know for myself it is an ever changing relationship that I work at every year to get better at achieving the ultimate goal of financial freedom.  

Here’s to the gifts that money brings us and getting rid of the pain we allow it to cause!  And of course as always…

Here is to your Successes and Victories,

- Cheri

Cheri Ruskus 
Author, Business Growth Coach, 
and Founder of the Victory Circles

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