My art is a symbol. It represents the moments where I have overcome the obstacles placed in front of me.
— Travis Ruskus

This past weekend I went to San Francisco to visit my son and celebrate 28 years of being a mom - Happy Birthday Travis!

For those of you have been a parent, you know that it is the greatest job in the world and without a doubt the hardest.

We have such visions for our children and all the things that matter most to us that we want to see happen in their lives and ours. What I know on this side of parenthood is that all those little moments along the way.

Every moment is fleeting and if we don’t make the most either with our children or others that matter to us in our lives, we won’t always have the chance for a do over.

The skill set that serves us best to enjoy those small moments, which can be as small as enjoying a great cup of tea together, is patience combined with presence.

The patience to know that in this moment this is something to pay attention to and the presence to be grateful for possibility in the process.

In one of my early Victory Letters I wrote about how much I loved watching Travis skateboard in our driveway when he was young. Something he would do over and over again until he “landed it.”

Today, I get the same enjoyment when I watch him rock balancein person as he takes the time he needs to make the balance happen, as he also tries to teach me too. ;)

Probably one of the biggest lessons I have learned in business is that this idea of celebrating the little moments is as important in our professional world as it is in our personal lives.

Stopping to celebrate the little milestones in your business just as you would that million-dollar moment of victory. By doing so this mindset allows you to enjoy today just as it is and not always waiting to enjoy tomorrow. Every moment can be a moment of victory!

Here’s to Travis for 28 wonderful years of moments in getting to be your mom.

Wishing you a happy spring that starts tomorrow! ;) (happy dance)

Zen in Rock
by Travis Ruskus

A short film explaining the process Travis uses to create his rock balance artwork on the beaches of San Francisco, CA. This art is a form of meditation to help calm stress/anxiety, develop courage, and stay in the present moment.

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