We are always in the middle of two energies. Gravity is sinking you down, and inspiration is pulling you up.
— Mandy Ingber

Where is your middle ground? That place that allows you to see all sides, to think things through before heading towards higher ground?

My beloved yellow lab, Luna Marie, the majority of the time has no middle ground she is either on or off. She goes from 0 to 100 focusing only on getting the ball and returning it to us as quickly as possible so that she can run and catch it over and over again.

Some people might argue what is wrong with that, she goes after what she wants until she drops.  Well for anyone reading this that has done that in their own life (which I have) – it’s exhausting. This summer we actually got her a pool in the backyard to help her to stop and calm down as she was overheating. We in fact forced her to take some middle ground for her own safety and chill factor.

Everything in the middle does matter and when we can’t acknowledge or see that just trying to constantly get to higher ground – we miss out on a whole lot of the good stuff along the way.

Many of us are classified a “middleclass” citizens. Now one could think that middle is just “average” and who the heck wants to be average? Haven’t we been told all of our lives not to be average to be above average? However, I find the middle can be just as happy and joyful, maybe even happier!

What I have come to discover in the middle is great strength – think of the teeter totter and its greatest balancing point is right in the middle. Life to be sure can be a quite a teeter totter event. And sometimes we have to get into the middle and just chill.

Where is the middle ground for you?

Bottomline: The key is knowing where you are so you can stop to smell the flowers in this moment and be grateful for the time to rest, think things through and carry on. You are then ready and excited to head to higher ground in new and soul filled ways.

Ep. 38 - Middle Ground

Courage to Be the Difference Podcast

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