It wasn’t even an option for it not to be okay.
— Julie Shrell

Each of us has gotten to where we are along our journey thanks to those who have cared enough to support us along our way. Maybe not every step of the way but during those moments that really counted.

I wanted to take a moment out of your week to share the idea of how each of us has the power to not only make but in fact to BE the difference in another person’s life.

Motherhood is probably one of the greatest leadership roles of all time and one of the most challenging. Mother's Day is coming this Sunday and with that in mind I am going to be sharing in the weeks ahead some stories of courage in this arena – starting today.

As many of you know, 9 years ago I lost my own mom after a 3-year battle with Ovarian Cancer.  She actually died from Leukemia brought on from the chemo to battle the disease. I want to share more of her courageous journey next week but first – this week I want to share the story of an organization I discovered while trying to help my mom get her arms around the disease.

There were a lot of huge organizations out there doing work on research, etc. and quite frankly I found many spending a lot of money on just existing and doing little for the cause. And some were just downright pompous and unavailable unless you wanted to donate money.

Then I found the Be the Difference Foundation. A small organization with a powerful message founded by four women who actually had contracted Ovarian Cancer. They had a burning desire to make and be a difference for other women like themselves whose lives were struck with the disease.

Sadly one of the co-founders have since passed away from Ovarian Cancer and three remain strong in supporting the cause. In today’s toolbelt below I share a podcast with one of the organizations Co-Founders Julie Shrell.

I know so many of you helped in the Team in Training Leukemia fundraiser I did last year helping to raise over $5,000 towards that disease as I rode 100 miles around Lake Tahoe, not to mention the 1,000 training miles that got me there. Once again I thank each of you who contributed for your generosity.

This year the Pedal Girls fundraiser event will be consisting again of my dear friend Erica, as well my daughter Bailey, and even my husband Ed is stepping up to ride with us. The riding consists of a 3 hours team spin cycle event here in Denver on May 20th.

What I would like to ask today is that you open your hearts to help battle this disease so many women face and help out with a fundraiser that is happening in Denver. Here is the scary fact: 1 out of 75 women will be diagnosed with ovarian cancer in their lifetime. Of those diagnosed only 50% currently survive.

If you would like to know more about donating to the cause or even putting together a small team like we did to ride in the 3 hour event (every team member takes a turn over the 3 hours) go to our website

In an attitude of gratitude take a moment out in the week ahead to say thank you to someone who has made a difference in your life. If you are lucky enough to still have that person be your mom celebrate in style. Otherwise seek out the ones you still can for being that difference for you.

Here’s to being the difference in another persons life :)


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Ep. 27 - Making the Difference

Courage to be the Difference Podcast

“It wasn’t even an option for it not to be okay.” - Julie Shrell

Listen to how Julie along with her Co-Founders of the Be The Difference Foundation had the courage to be the difference not only for their own life but also to fight against ovarian cancer with everything they had.

Donate to our upcoming ride:

Learn more about Julie and the Be the Difference Foundation:


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