Once I dive in, I dive in all the way.
— Carly Fiorina

Imagine this… you want to enjoy the cool refreshing water of the lake, swimming pool or even the ocean on a hot summer day but the water is not just cool – it’s downright cold.

You put one foot in and shiver in surprise of how cold the water really is. You put your other foot in and debate whether you should now go in the water at all because it wasn’t what you had expected. Even though you know it will feel good and be totally refreshing once you get all the way in.

The question becomes do you just dive in and not go through the temperature change inch-by-inch which you know might leave you open to not going all the way in at all?

I think it’s safe to say in many life circumstances similar to this each and every single one of us at some point in our life has been afraid to totally commit to something that we really, really knew deep inside we wanted.

All the while knowing the reward would be worth it – yet the fear and the little bit of discomfort to get there held us back sometimes for years.

The foot in the water is really a metaphor for just “kind of” getting wet yet not allowing ourselves to enjoy fully what is possible as we stand on the shore line. 

There we are waiting for the perfect moment to have the courage to get past the initial change of temperature that could improve everything.

Have you ever found yourself“kind of” doing things in your business? You know, you are perhaps dabbling a bit here and there and not really committed 100%.

An example of dabbling is in how you might be using social media. Sure you get on to social media to break up the activities of the day, perhaps you even get a few adrenaline rushes by actually posting something and getting some likes.  

The truth could be that you are not committed to any one platform. You would love to build some strong relationships whether personally or professionally but it seems like too much work, and of course it would make you way too vulnerable. Then there is the whole aspect of how much time it would take…

For all the other elements in your business where you stop, hesitate and feel a bit stuck on the shoreline ask yourself these question as to what element is stopping you:  

  • Fear or doubt?
  • Not enough interest?
  • Lack of expertise?
  • No time?
  • Never enough money?

Look at that one thing you wish you would be more committed to not just getting done but getting done extremely well. Then find the answer to the questions above, find some support around the issue and quit waiting for the perfect conditions because they in fact may never come. 

What if this was the week that you quit dabbling and wasting your precious brainpower. What do you say… are you ready to take the dive and make a big splash? 

On the topic of social media I have more in this week’s podcast - Stop Dabbling in Social Media. I will give you 7 key insights to keep you engaged in your social media efforts.

Ep. 17 - Stop Dabbling in Social Media

To Your Success and Victories,

- Cheri

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