Let the first breath of creativity live unedited. Not knowing where it will become or knowing where it will go.
— Andrew Newman

Stories connect people in one form or another. They focus us on a beginning, a middle and an end. They bring us elements of what other beings are up to, being challenged with on their path, and if all goes well bring us to a happy conclusion.

Stories can make us laugh, cry, and feel every spectrum of emotion.

Every story starts with the breath of an idea. There are many directions a story can go whether we are reading it, writing it, or living it. A story can help us to focus on a particular topic and allow the rest of the world to fall away.

A story can let the chatter of our mind quiet down and hear an important message or antidote.

A story starts with a single idea and evolves quite similar to how our lives evolve.

Recently I had the opportunity to have a wonderful podcast conversation with a story teller I had not met before. Andrew Newman is an Author and Therapist who has created a concept in storytelling with his company Conscious Stories

His idea was to create children’s books based on making story telling a beautiful way to end the day once again. To have parents relish that last 20 minutes of the day with their children as together they read through a beautiful story book. Not to make bedtime something to get through but something to look forward to.

Each of his books starts with a mantra for the parent and child to say together:

I breathe for me

I breathe for you

I breathe for us

I breathe for all that surrounds us.

One of the many words of wisdom that Andrew shared is the important element of how a child that is connected with their own innocence just naturally steps into courage. They live with courage as part of who they are because they don’t know to fear. When our innocence gets taken that is when we lose our courage and forget to be a part of our own story.

The power to concentrate and focus on even a simple story has taken on a whole new challenge in today’s world of electronic devices and so many things vying for our attention.

What is the story you want to tell, share and be a part of every day?

Can you devote the time to create the idea that will take you further towards who, what and where you want to be? 

If you are in business you must have a story to share. Your story is your brand and this message is what is going to connect you with your customers.

If you are having a hard time creating stories start a daily practice of writing 5 minutes. If you feel you need more time then give yourself more time to get the daily story out on the page.

For more info on strengthening your writing practice during your morning routine check out the journaling lesson in my free morning momentum program. 

Here is to living unedited with conscious stories!

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