A meaningful life is not a popularity contest.
— Marianne Williamson

What is it that we do for each other as humans to create fulfilling relationships that in turn give us a meaningful life beyond the social media “like”?

The glue that keeps any kind of relationship together is trust. Trust happens when there is no doubt that the other person in the relationship has your back and also deeply cares for you (as you do for them as well) - flaws and all.

This includes much more than romantic relationships. It includes those special key relationships throughout our realm of family, friends and colleagues.

The best relationships are ones where we can allow our persona to be most vulnerable having a deep understanding of knowing who we are and what makes each other happy.

Social media gets a lot of bashing these days because it can be based so much on just the surface of our personalities. A like here or a brief comment there, doesn’t always allow us to truly feel connected.  Sharing just the best of our selves, and not necessarily our true selves can be exhausting and feel unauthentic.

However, social media can allow for us to do a different kind of exploration of the human condition and observe the awesomeness each one of us has to offer in our very own way. Liking someone to acknowledge your appreciation for them.

The pursuit of these digital likes can make us forget to like ourselves first. I see this happen all the time and today wanted to remind you about the awesome gift that you provide to the world - you.

It's important that you share your gifts with others, and even more important that you do it for the right reasons. Create passionate content making yourself and others smile in the process. That is a job well done.

Wishing you an abundant week of sharing ahead!

Challenge of the Week

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What if you reached out to one social media relationship this week and found a way to deepen the connection with a phone call or direct connection of some kind?  Who is someone you have really been wanting to get to know better?  Trust and be vulnerable…

How could you increase the trust others feel with your presence and shares?  

Video of the Week

Sometimes – it just feels good to listen to a video that makes us feel good.  This video is my latest obsession and I feel good every time I listen to it.  

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To Your Success and Victories,

- Cheri

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