Often when you think you’re at the end of something, you’re at the beginning of something else.
— Fred Rogers

Over the last few weeks I asked a variety of business owners what the number one obstacle they felt had stopped them or slowed down their success in the year gone by. 

Here were the most common obstacles:

  • Trusting myself

  • Perfectionism

  • Self-doubt

  • Listening to other people’s bullsh*t

  • Lack of time and focus 

  • Uncertainty

How about you? Do any of these reasons ring true for you?

Are you prepared to handle the obstacles, challenges, and hurdles that will be on the road ahead of you? We can’t avoid these sticking points, but how we handle them decides whether we will meet our goals or not.

Looking at your goals for the year ahead, how will you manage these challenges?

The hardest part about achieving goals we desire is getting honest about facing our challenges head on. Every day can be a fresh start if we can let go of who we “should” be and embrace who we truly are.

There are 3 steps to facing a challenge:

  1. Identify: where you are now?

  2. Dream: where you want to be in the future?

  3. Strategize: how you are going to get there?

The “how” is the game changer. This requires most of our time when really pulling apart what we want to achieve and how we will get there. When we have clarity about our goal and the steps required to get there, the resulting confidence will build momentum to guide us forward. 

Start with where you are right now, then spend time envisioning what you really, really want and deconstruct how you will get there. This desire and passion is critical to carry you though the challenges.

Give yourself some alone time to be honest with yourself and ask the important questions regarding where you have really been and where you want to really go. Let’s do this!

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To Your Success and Victories,
- Cheri

Cheri Ruskus
Business Strategist and Founder of the Victory Circles

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Phone: 303-652-1718
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