earth laughs in flowers

he Autumn Equinox arrives here in Boulder this Wednesday morning at 2:22am, and as the summer begins to fade around us I feel compelled this Monday morning to pay homage to the beauty of flowers.

As a gardener, these special little creatures are the most sacred part of the peace I find in my garden.

One of my morning meditation rituals over the summer has been the removal of flower buds that have passed their prime and are left dying on their stem. Also known as deadheading, it’s important for the remaining flowers to thrive by removing those that have given their all.

During a recent morning ritual as the sun was rising I thought of how this practice also allows for removing the distractions of the dying flower bud from the thriving ones. And yes, as it goes with this mind of mine, it is a great metaphor for looking at what happens when unhealthy distractions that are not removed can stop healthy growth of just about anything - from flowers to your business. 

As we have explored the Master Mind Principle of Concentration this month I have stopped and looked at my own path and how I can let go of distractions that aren’t serving me. Just as quickly as a flower can fade we can allow distractions to stop us by becoming part of our every day normal actions.   

The questions I ask you to ponder for yourself as we head into this new season of change – What are your distractions costing you? What is the deadheading you should be doing to remove the distractions that are no longer serving you in your business and ultimately of course in your life. 

I recently tried an experiment with one of my biggest distractions in life as part of a performance challenge I am in over the next 90 days. One of my biggest distractions is my email inbox and I am now looking at it much differently… starting with the way I let it enter my day. 

The idea is to not look at your inbox for the first hour of your day. Instead, make your own list of what you need to get done in the day before you. What will serve you best? Then head to your email to respond and deal with those emails that assist you in getting that done.

More on this as I continue to experiment with it, but I can tell you my productivity has really increased. Good thing too, because I am getting ready for the Getting Your Message Out Fall Tour. I will be on the road for the most of the next three weeks.

If you would like to, please share in the comment section below what your favorite flower is.

Happy Autumn and lets make this season the best it can be!

To Your Successes and Victories, 
- Cheri

Cheri Ruskus 
Author, Business Growth Coach, 
and Founder of the Victory Circles


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