adopt the pace of nature

This second week of March brings us towards looking even closer into the Master Mind Principle of Honoring Time. Today I thought we would take a look at the word “pace” and how the understanding and actions involved with in that single word can affect the quality of our time each day.

During a recent acupuncture treatment, my Acupuncturist Kristin told me to really pay attention to the pace in which I handle my daily life.

And with that in mind I have in fact been paying close attention to the pace in which I move through my days on a variety of levels. From approaching my work to the paying attention to rest and relaxation, the pace I need to approach each experience is different.

Here are some questions for you, followed with ideas to help you stop and take a look at the quality of your daily pace in the world. Keep in mind that it’s the quality, not the quantity that usually gives us the best results.

To further assist you in the process - keep this acronym for the word P.A.C.E. in mind -
Perfect Awesomeness Creates Energy...

1.What is the ritual in detail that you start each day?

2. When you eat a meal do you savor the food you are eating or just plow through the experience to get food in your belly?

3. Any of us who are parents know how quickly the time with our kids goes by. Hard for me to believe mine are 23 and nearly 25 years old. What is the quality of the time you spend with your kids (small or grown) or anyone who you deeply love? Remember they don’t have to necessarily be nearby to find time to enjoy each other.

4. As you move through your workday what puts you into a frantic pace and why? Or do you find yourself completing tasks with ease and plenty of time to get each item done - enjoying your work as you go?

5. Driving in your car do you notice the world around you or do you get to your destination and barely even remember the drive?

6. When you do physical workouts is it all about getting to the end of it or do you pay attention to your body and what it is feeling in the process stopping to savor the parts of it you enjoy?

7. Final question, during course of your days do you insure you get to do the things you care the most about...or do you squeeze those relished moments in between everything else?

Sometimes just becoming aware of our P.A.C.E., as I have found for myself over the last few weeks, can make a huge difference in our mental and physical beings. Pay attention and see what you discover for no one but yourself.

If you have found yourself feeling your time is not your own, remember only you can change what you do with the 24 hours you are given each day, use them to your advantage.

One of my favorite things about hanging out in nature is stopping to just be and reflect what is happening around me as Mr. Emerson had to say about nature in todays quote. Recently on a morning that I was out watching the morning sky come to life I noticed a hawk in a nearby tree. Today's picture above is what I saw.

Here’s to keeping the pace that allows us to honor our time!


To Your Successes and Victories,

- Cheri


Cheri Ruskus
Author, Business Coach
and Founder of the Victory Circles