“Sometimes your joy is the source of your smile, but sometimes your smile can be the source of your joy.”

– Thich Nhat Hanh

Imagine the sound of screeching brakes.

Think of that sound inside my brain this past week as I began to realize that I had overfilled my plate both professionally and personally. Commitments were starting to not be met, causing me stress and allowed a cold to take over in my body because wasn't paying enough attention to my well being.

You might remember just a few weeks back how I had shared the semi-sabbatical I had taken this summer and the relief it had given me to stop and take a breath over the course of the summer. Well suddenly it was becoming a very distant memory.

Opportunities had begun to come at a fast pace, including finding myself volunteering for an organization where suddenly they had dubbed me their Communications Director! What?!

The worst part was that I was allowing the accumulation of to do’s to happen by continuing to say yes to too many things.

Ever have that happen to you?

You find yourself, with the best of good intentions, saying yes too often without thinking things through. Then boom, before you know it you have over committed and unknowingly started to suck away your joy with those commitments.

Well, you might be saying about now, where is the Joy Igniting Freedom that you talked about in the subject line of this Victory Letter?

For me this past week that joy began to once again unfold once I put on the brakes and focused in on what I needed to do to clean up this situation, so I could get back into a joyful flow. I had to stop and reassess the things I had committed to, get the help where I needed it (delegation) and give myself the needed time to evaluate my best moves forward.

Joy Ignites Freedom is a formula that comes from getting really clear on the big picture as well as all it will take to get you there, allowing you to fully enjoy today in the process.

Joy Ignites Freedom when you are clear enough to realize you have overfilled your plate and begin to take action to remedy the situation.

Joy Ignites Freedom when you realize the person, place or thing that you thought you couldn’t live without - you can – especially if it is causing you, ongoing stress.

Recently I saw an interview with Rita Moreno (think the original West Side Story) who is still a very active actress at 87 years young. You know what, not only does she not look like she is 87, but her energy levels are off the charts. When she was asked how she retained her beauty and abundant energy she shared that it happened because she lives such a happy life.

Yep, that joy piece.

We can tend to say, “I will be happy when ____________ (fill in the blank )

That blank can be when… I have more money, the kids are grown, I lose 10 pounds, the house is paid for, I retire, or my business is a success. The list can go on and on.

What if we thought joy first and let that ignite the freedom you long to have now instead of always waiting for it to happen? That’s where giving yourself time to focus in on what matters most comes into play. Give yourself joy today while pacing yourself towards making it even more joyful for tomorrow.

No podcast this week due the stinky cold that is now on the mend. The podcast will be back next week with a guest I am excited to share with you!

Make it a great week ahead – find that joy and see if you can catch yourself smiling more often than not!

To Your Success and Victories,
- Cheri

Cheri Ruskus, Business Growth Coach
cheri@businessvictories.com • 303-652-1718 • @victorygirl

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