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If we don’t use our creativity muscles in the brain, we will lose them. The good news is that we can regain this muscle and the more we use creativity throughout our lives the more this super power benefits us! 

The coolest part is that the more you build that muscle and get good at whatever creative muscle you are building, from fly fishing to making bread, it builds your confidence right along with building that muscle.

My daughter, who is known by many as Chef Bai, is quite an amazing creative with food being her favorite thing to create. She has always had a love of cooking, but recently she has taken her creativity even farther to provide her with the confidence to create a very profitable business.

Creativity comes in so many shapes and sizes. It’s not necessarily just drawing a picture, writing the next great novel, or writing a poem to someone you love. 

Creativity appears when you give yourself the time and space to share your unique voice with the world. A great benefit is that if your creative work really resonates, it can make you money due to the ability to connect with others. And that’s when your work really does become your play.

Here is what Bailey shared with me as the 5 things that spark her creativity with the food she creates:

  1. Farmers Market
    Seeing food in its whole form straight from the source allows her to imagine what it might become once she gets her hands on it.

  2. Yoga and Body Movement
    Moving opens her up and she actually thinks alot about food during yoga and the process motivates her to cook more.

  3. Consistency
    The more she cooks the more ideas she gets to create new things she hasn’t tried before.

  4. Inspiration from others
    Blogs, Vlogs and cookbooks from amateurs and professionals.

  5. Music
    Playing music while she cooks always helps in the creativity process.

Just like I shared about learning and confidence last week creativity takes our confidence soaring to whole new levels when we use it on a regular basis. Mixing learning and creativity is really the most excellent part. I feel that way when I write, brainstorm with a client and even when I am in my garden.

As you head into this week I would love to know where you are going to let your inner creative shine. What kind of creativity dates can you have with yourself or with someone who shares the same creative passion as you do?

Tomorrow, February 18th is Bailey’s birthday! Happy Birthday Chef Bai and thank you for inspiring so many with your creative passion when it comes to making health based food. Be sure to leave a comment on her Instagram and tell her I sent you! ;)

Let’s celebrate each of us as well for allowing our creative spirit to shine! After all, that’s what creativity is… letting our inner child come out to play.

To Your Success and Victories,
- Cheri

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