don't let the noise of others opinions

Each of us has our individual hopes and dreams that propel us towards the dawning of each new day. Truth be told, no single person determines our future - unless we allow them to do so. 


Sometimes in our weaker moments we go with the flow of what those around us want just because it can be easier than standing up for what we want and believe in. I grew up in the Catholic school system and found myself always having to fight for what I wanted and being looked at by the administration as a “trouble maker” because I thought very differently than them.


At home I got classified as the black sheep of my family because I went to the beat of a different drum.  What I found for me is that by the time I hit my 20’s I was so used to getting resistance for simply being my unique self, I became numb to my inner voice. Not sure of my future path, I was accustomed to the path of least resistance and most situations resulted in me just going with the flow.


When I packed up and moved from California to Colorado at the ripe age of 24, I knew it was time to let my inner self fully bloom. I was all by myself, knowing hardly anyone, and I began to find who I really was. Prior to the move, I had married because I thought I was supposed to, worked a 9-5 job because I thought I was supposed to, and after a while the bottom line was that I just wasn’t happy.  I left it all behind as I headed out to the beautiful state of Colorado to find the true me. 


I am happy to report that all these years later... it worked. But there have been many ups and downs along my way. However, I can say now that I wouldn’t have had it any other way. 


So you might be asking “now why in the world is she sharing this?” As I started to write this letter I was strongly struck by the words of this weeks quote, said by my entrepreneurial hero Steve Jobs.  Steve was a guy who - without a doubt - walked to the beat of his own drum. 


Finding the place and space to walk to the beat of your own drum can be scary starting out, and then once you find your path the victories can be around every turn - if you are looking closely enough to find them!


By now you might have guessed that I love the word victory and look for it for myself and those I love, as well as my clients and colleagues as often as possible.   


This weeks picture may just look like a tree to you. However, I took it because I could see the V of victory that it represented.  You may see it and you may not.  Does that make me right and you wrong?  No. In fact, it’s what makes the diversity of what we see make our world all that it can be.  We all see things just a little differently. 


As we move forward each day, taking on the things in our life that challenge the status quo, we must push past those who don’t see our vision until we can make it visible enough for everyone to see.  After all, look at what my hero Steve Jobs did that changed the face of our world.  He was hit with a ton of resistance along the way, but he truly believed in his vision and as a result changed the world we all live in.


What is burning inside of you that is aching to come out? 


This week as we wrap up the first month of the year, look once again at your goals and your definite chief aim for the year ahead.  Continue to go for it come March, July, December, and every month in-between. The juiciness of “you” is waiting to fully unfold no matter how young or old you might be. 


Here’s to a great week ahead and finishing January strong! 


To Your Successes and Victories,

- Cheri


Cheri Ruskus 
Author, Business Growth Coach, 
and Founder of the Victory Circles