if you find your path you will never lose your way

Quick question: how many times has your path changed along your journey?

How many times have you been cruising along and then wham! A life event changes where you were going, and perhaps even more critical, changed the "why" that was taking you there.

This is where our role as leader comes out to play. It's the inside job that we must take care of that brings us from where we are today to where we need to go tomorrow. The process of the action/reaction determines not only our day, but our destiny. Understanding this action/reaction process is the key to being a great leader.

I am in awe of the photographer and filmmaker Louis Schwartzberg who shared the words for today's quote. In his work he takes the beauty of our planet and shows us the intricate qualities of our lives.   

While the steps you are taking today may not be exactly the ones you had hoped or thought they would be... ask yourself: are they taking you where you want or need to go right now? 

Stay tuned this month for more on the topic of Leadership. Happy Trails!