Go on a journey from self to self, my friend... Such a journey transforms the earth into a mine of gold.
— Rumi

This week as we celebrate our independence here in the United States its seems like a good time to also reflect on our own inner independence.

Recently I was interviewed by a new podcast called Ditching 9 to 5. I shared with them my challenges along my journey as well as what has kept me working outside of the 9 to 5 format for over 30 years as both an entrepreneur and a business coach. 

I shared some things I have never shared before so take a listen and discover the key elements that has kept me ticking for so long in the world of small business ownership.  

Let’s look at the light of our own inner self to see what currently is working to bring us joy as well of course as what isn’t working so great. Think of it as taking your own inner selfie. 

Now for the inner selfie piece it is always best to ask questions to see what needs to be adjusted.  Because just like the taking a selfie picture with a camera the best ones are the ones that you adjust until you get it right.

The power of writing can bring to surface thoughts we had long ago buried in our unconscious mind.  By learning more about the person you have become you can allow the things you like the most about your inner self to come to life as you really stop to think about the person you have become throughout the course of your lifetime.

Set aside some quiet time to stop all other thoughts or activities to really think about the “who” of you. Schedule a block of time in your calendar and call it “Meeting with Self.” 

By taking a strong hard look at yourself through an inner mirror in answering the questions below it will allow you to see the you of yesterday and the you of today that will take you into your tomorrow’s. 

Remember there are no right or wrong answers to these following 12 questions. Open your mind to all that you truly are as you answer these questions.  Keep your pen or computer keyboard moving and don’t overthink the answers to these questions.  Let your inner self do all the work on this one. 

Inner Selfie Snapshot Exercise

1. What standards for yourself do you hold with highest regard and insure stay important to you? 


2. Do you enjoy spending time with yourself? If yes, what is your favorite thing to do during alone time?  If you are currently not spending time with yourself why not?


3. How often do you engage in conversations with yourself and what do you talk about?


4. Do you talk gently with yourself, or are you critical allowing your Inner Critic to always have the final word?  


5. What is your "glow" element? The piece of your personality that allows you to shine the most? This could be your sense of humor, your compassion, your ability to hear and be heard, your business sense, your craving for adventure...the list is long. List each one that applies to you.


6. Who are the people of your life that have assisted in the forming of your personality all along your way?


7. Who are the people in your life that mean the most to you, those people that hold a special place in your heart. Your heart after all shapes the “who” of you, doesn’t it? 


8. Of those people in question who is it that you could tell anything including your deepest and darkest secrets?


9. What makes you your happiest and brings you the most inner joy? 


10. In thinking through the twists of fate throughout your life – which have changed your course the most dramatically to make you the person you are today?


11. List your top five Strengths that you have developed over your lifetime?


12. How often do you actually get to use these strengths?

If you would like a PDF copy of this exercise click here.

As we move into the 241st year of independence as a country I hope that you are enjoying some independence in being your true self. Wishing you a happy and healthy 4th of July!

To Your Success and Victories,

- Cheri

Cheri Ruskus
Business Strategist and Founder of the Victory Circles

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