The point of power is always in the present moment.
— Louise L. Hay

Hurru (verb): Move with haste. Let love guide you and be confident that you will arrive as you are needed.

Change is an inevitable life phenomenon that we can either embrace or fight. 

The key I have found in this life-long journey so far is to pay attention to enjoying life as it is today, ready to fully embrace the possibilities that tomorrow brings. In the process, to find ways to keep stress and worry from taking over whenever I try to stop the change that happens when the unfolding of life events don't go as planned.

You know the ones that make your stomach gurgle and your head start to hurt...maybe a little and depending on the situation maybe a lot.

Have you ever felt that somehow you lost control of a situation?

In the past few weeks as many life and world events have unfolded I have been paying very close attention to the ways we collectively handle stress. Especially in the process of continuing to get everything done and be everywhere we need to be at the same time.

In all of this a brand new word has come into my vocabulary that was created while I was rushing to an event on a recent Saturday afternoon...

A client, who was hosting the event texted the word “Hurru” to me as she mistyped the word “hurry.” 

The reason I paid attention to the typo was because I was in deep reflection that day and that word “hurru” kept coming up again and again. Throughout the event, which was one of deep spiritual reflection and meditation, "hurru" really implanted itself in my mind. So I decided to give “hurru” my own definition (at the top of this letter).

This past week I had the opportunity to put the word to a tough test as I headed to speak to a group at a college facility I had not been to before. Life already had me heading there without my usual 30-minute grace period buffer when it became apparent that I was at the wrong campus and the one I needed to be at was 15 minutes (at least) away. 

Having relied on my GPS, which had let me down big time, I continued to give it my trust as it continued to send me down the wrong roads because it simply did not know where this particular campus was located.  As the minutes quickly ticked by I knew I would be at least a half hour past the time I was due to be standing up in front of the room. 

At that point I felt like I was in a dream which I had experienced so many times. In the dream I am trying in vain to get to a presentation – knowing there was a room filled with people who were waiting for me!  It was happening now in real time.

I could have completely freaked out in that moment but not only was the coordinator of the event awesome assuring me she would keep the audience engaged, I also remembered to repeat the word “Hurru” over and over.

Doing so gave me the wear with all to toss the GPS, along with the stress aside and find my way to the right campus - giving the audience the very best of my expertise without skipping a beat.  

So can you “hurru” too? I believe you can.

No, this doesn’t give you permission to blow things off, continuously procrastinate, or be constantly late to everything... it instead gives you permission to forgive yourself when you do screw up, something we are all guaranteed we do. Just take a deep breathe and remember that time marches on without us at times and that’s okay.

In all of this I can’t help but think of Louise Hay who passed away this past week at the age of 90. She had forgiven herself many times over and inspired the lives of so many in the process. If you have not read You Can Heal Your Life I would highly recommend you put it on your reading list. She has sold over 50 million copies.

As Louise said many times over - "Let's roll."

Give “Hurru” a try this week. Forgive yourself and remember you are human with imperfections. Love yourself for staying in the game with grace even when the going gets tough. Every storm eventually leads to sunshine.