I like nonsense, it wakes up the brain.
— Dr. Seuss

Opportunity is out there

Don’t know about you, but I took the question “what’s next?” from last week’s letter and really did some soul searching to begin to look within myself for the answer. 

I knew clearing my schedule as much as possible in order to allow a new way of thinking to emerge would let my imagination get involved in the process. There is something about an over the top schedule and rushing around to complete a never ending to do list that can squish creativity at its core. 

Think of it as the left analytical part of your brain partnering up with the right creative part of your brain to create a balance that allows you to step into new directions. However, the rational thinking brought on by the left brain can get us so caught up in those to do’s that we can just stop creating opportunities. 

Let's be realistic

You might be saying to yourself – hey that’s nice for you but I have to do all that I have to do to keep all the balls in the air! Keep in mind what our beloved Dr. Seuss has to say here in today’s letter about waking up the brain. Sometimes a little radical move, a little initially perceived nonsense, is just what the doctor ordered.  

With the summer solstice and the official arrival of summer arriving with the longest day of the year tomorrow (June 20th) I hope you take the opportunity during this magical time of year to explore a new way of thinking in regards to what matters most to you.  Can’t think of a better time to let your imagination come out and play.

Let me share a snippet of what unfolded in creating my “what’s next plan.” 

Tired of always reinventing the wheel, I took a strong look at the assets I have created over the years, identifying the ones that could enhance the lives of others through work I have already produced.

Hidden treasures

A variety of answers came to life that I am working through and one in particular put a large smile on my face and in my heart. I started to listen to the recordings from the radio show I did several years ago.

As I started to listen to those saved recordings I realized what a hidden treasure were in these interviews with a wide variety of experts from around the globe.  The rich topics are as relevant today as they were then. 

These shows included guests who were near and dear to my heart as well as others that I had the pleasure and opportunity to meet for the very first time during the interview process.

With imagination the Master Mind Principle of the month here in the Victory Circles I decided to start with interviews I had done on that topic. What a better place to start than one of my creative mentors, Cynthia Morris

So for your listening pleasure this morning as you think about ways to open up your imagination listen to part one of "Hidden Treasures: Your Imagination."

In this shorter and condensed version of this previous interview, Cynthia and I discuss the power of using the analytical skills of left brain in conjunction with the creative capacity of your right brain to bring your imagination fully to life. 

Enjoy the conversation and here’s to a creative summer ahead!

To Your Success and Victories,

- Cheri

Cheri Ruskus
Business Strategist and Founder of the Victory Circles

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