Most of coaching is just removing the stuff that gets in the way, and reminding them of what they wanted to do in the first place.
— George Henshaw

When it comes to you connecting with your customers (past, present and future) answer these 3 questions in how you create good vibes:

1.  Why is my message important to share?

2.  Who do I want to share that message with?

3.  Where do I want to share that message?

Today we are going to dig into the importance of telling your story and sharing your message. I like to think of it as creating good marketing vibes.

When I say the word marketing what do you experience happening within your mind and body?  Is it good vibes or bad vibes?  Take note of those feelings and how you might switch that up if bad vibes are what comes up first for you.

What if you thought of marketing as inspiring instead of manipulating?  Does that make you feel better?  It sure makes me feel better…both on the giving and receiving of marketing.

Recently I read a blog post that talked about thinking of marketing like brushing your teeth…in other words to do it every day.  Making it a habit or a practice in one form or another. 

I couldn’t agree more because what we do most often is what ends up defining us.  Why many people avoid marketing is two fold; first, they don’t know what they are doing and second, it doesn’t make them feel good because of how others have marketed to them.  You can feel that selling always has to be in the equation and it does not.  In fact, if you look at it in that mindset it could be detrimental.

What if you could inspire people every day?  Would you be more inclined to make marketing a habit because it makes you feel good by making others feel good too?

Marketing today has changed so much for the better for all of us.  Unfortunately not everyone got the memo.  Good marketing today is not about beating your prospective customer over the head and manipulating them “buy your stuff” it’s about engaging them in talking to you in one form of communication or another.

When I started this letter I wanted to reach out to people with an inspiring message every Monday morning based on how to get through the peaks and valleys of owning a business.  Some weeks have been about celebrating the highs and some just finding the deep-rooted message in getting through the lows.

The reason I have continued this letter year after year every Monday morning is because it became a habit to inspire others to get through their peaks and valleys as I also get through mine.  Coming together through good vibes.

My marketing message has primary free information sharing my knowledge and experiences gathered along the way.  As a result my business has grown because it has allowed me to stay connected to so many great people - yourself included.  When the time is right to hire a Business Coach the goal is that I have built the trust required for you to take the next step.  I believe in complete transparency built on good vibes.

Wishing you a great week ahead and remember we are in the two week countdown for the Ovarian Cancer Fund Raiser for the Be the Difference Foundation.


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Ep. 28 - Slow and Steady with Sue Van Raes
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Start with Why
by Simon Sinek

The opening words of this classic must read book says so much, “There are leaders and there are those who lead. Leaders hold a position of power or influence. Those who lead inspire us. Whether individuals or organizations we follow those who lead not because we have to but because we want to. We follow those who lead not for them but for ourselves.” This is a book for those who want to inspire others.

And remember if you have never ordered an audio book from Amazon before… your first one is free. ;)  

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Last but not least I want to say Happy Birthday to the guy who has made my world go round for 30+ years now.  That’s you Ed Ruskus.  I Love you. If you are reading to the bottom of this letter as I know you normally do here’s to your having another great year on the planet. Lucky me to be along for the ride…

To Your Success and Victories,

- Cheri

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