Preservation of life, and liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.
— Declaration of Independence

This week in the United States for anyone over 18 years of age we have the golden ticket to vote. A ticket that allows our voices to be heard. Not everyone in the world has this opportunity to make significant change happen.

With so much political noise going on especially around the topic of money, it’s important for each of us to stop and wonder what matters most to us individually and collectively as we cast our ballot.

Money for sure matters but should it be driving everything? Will the person who won the $1.5 billion lottery use that money to gain happiness for themselves and others? Or will it leave them with more stress than before? A negative outcome has been known to happen more often than not in those situations of great “winnings.”

What is that ultimate golden ticket you are actually looking to find? Here’s a few questions to assist you in finding what matters most to you for your golden ticket to matter:

  1. What would truly make you happy right now? Especially something that is in your power to control, what would that be?

  2. What abundance could you fully appreciate today that is already in your life? 

  3. Are your daily business activities just transactional and empty, solely to make money?Or, are they relationship based, allowing you to truly make a difference in another human being’s life?

  4. Do you feel you are living through repeating patterns trying to get somewhere that seems to be taking you nowhere fast?  Or, are you feeling fulfilled in the direction of your life as it stands today? 

This week I hope that in addition to voting, you take the time out to reflect on your answers to these important questions. Because sometimes, the golden ticket was right in your hand all along giving you the best seat in the house.


Fear Creates Fuel
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Has fear been holding you back? Did you know that fear is the #1 reason most people don’t achieve their dreams? Fear of failing can stop you from even getting into the game. In this podcast I share with you some antidotes to take the leap that will help you to feel the energy that will fuel you to move through your fear(s).

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