Some of the best ideas come at the most inopportune times, don’t close your mind to them.
— Brad Feld

It’s always interesting to me when an idea starts to brew for a Victory Letter. Then, if I fully embrace the idea, like a magnet more thoughts from a variety of people and situations gives me rich input on the topic.

This the time of year we tend to turn inwards for a variety of reasons. For many of us in colder climates the weather along with shorter days disrupts our patterns and can leave us feeling more inner reflection.

As the calendar year begins to also wind down there is the reflective pieces of the year gone by that tend to pop up. 

With all of this in mind the question remains…

What is left to be done before the year closes?

Or perhaps, what needs to be re-evaluated that didn’t get done?

What were the ideas that you had that never either saw the light of day or were perhaps never given full wing power to come to life and fly?

As you think about this and observe what you did and didn’t do with the ideas that came your way, I would ask you to think about what ideas died because of the fear to fully implement them?

Specifically, what was the fear that bubbled up when it was time to make the idea a reality?

Did you know that on average only about 8% of the population makes an idea a reality? 8 percent! That seems crazy and is allowing for so many ideas to lay dormant.

Today’s podcast I am sharing is with Eric Hozempa, Director of the Longmont Community Foundation we dive deeper into this topic of Growing Your Nonprofit. Eric shares that in the non-profit world (just like the for-profit world) dreams die because of allowing one excuse after another to get in the way of bringing an idea to life.

One of my favorite moments that transpired within this conversation was what Eric called, “Bless and Release.” The idea of sometimes letting people and situations go for the health of the organization. Listen Now >>

This is where the awareness of giving from within comes into place. As we head into this season of giving what can you give to yourself and then in turn to give to others by digging deep beyond your deepest fears.

Is it…

Fear of change?

Fear of failure?

Fear of what others will say?

Fear of disappointment (either yourself or someone else)?

Who or what could give you the courage to stand up to this fear and take the ideas that are burning inside of you out into the world?

I encourage you to sit with this and write it out. Yes, take the ideas that are brewing up inside of you and write them down on paper. This action in itself will allow you to see beyond what is just clicking around in your conscious mind. By putting it onto paper you can further see what the idea looks even more like in the light of day.

This is one of the reasons that goals are so much more effective when written then just thinking about them. When we write it something begins to shift.

Is this enough? No. The next step is to find someone to make you accountable for making this happen. For asking for help from another human being to keep you from retreating back into your thoughts. To keep you from overthinking an idea until it retreats back where it came from.

Up for the challenge? Ready to give from within? You can and must do this. Remember I am here cheering you on! 

To Your Success and Victories,
- Cheri

Cheri Ruskus
Business Strategist and Founder of the Victory Circles

Phone: 303-652-1718