I will not let anyone walk through my mind with their dirty feet.
— Gandhi

This time of year can be exhausting as we leave the quieter days of summer behind. The noise of our life can be distracting, including the “dirty feet” of others who pull us into their wants and needs as Gandhi shares in today’s quote.

Cuddling into my sweaters on these cold mornings brings a new essence which makes me look further into the changes within the inside world of my mind as well.

To honor the summer coming to a close I attended a yoga retreat with my daughter in a beautiful spot here in the mountains of Colorado.

For two days I focused on nothing but the health and well being of my body and how it relates to my mind. Discovering along the way that my torque had been impaired because the busyness of my life had found it’s way into my being – and not in a good way.

cheri ruskus teepee

Over the weekend I worked with a Reiki Master (who I highly recommend - just email me for her info) in both a group session and in a private session as she brought to the surface the things within me that were out of sync.

As we began our private session together she shared the strong vision that was coming to her for my healing. Apparently my body was filled with hundreds of arrow holes, which is actually exactly what I was feeling coming into the weekend. Yikes!  

Throughout our session we worked towards healing the issues that had created these metaphoric arrow holes. Since they had come from varied sources along my path it was important to look at them straight on – instead of looking past them. 

By facing a number of emotionally draining elements that I had allowed in my life, I was able to gain the torque I needed to begin to heal and gain my momentum towards living a peaceful life.

At the end of our session she had me visualizing the holes beginning to fill themselves with beautiful flowers. This vision allowed me to easily soothe my pains that I had not been aware of before.

This experience reminded me of many conversations I have had with small business owners and the pain that is felt but ignored as they move through the struggles of making their dream a reality.

This retreat offered just the torque I needed. I was able to relax and take a step back after being so engrained in the busyness that comes during this time of year in my business.

Torque is officially defined as a moment of force that causes change. Perhaps the easy way to think of it is in your car as you accelerate – especially going over a mountain pass. When the torque kicks in it gets you past that spot that might have completely slowed you down or stopped you all together.

What are you going to do to insure that you have the torque you need in the days, weeks and months ahead?

While getting away for the weekend is not always possible - to help in the process I have added in an extra bonus this morning of a brand new podcast episode. It’s about the important element of having a positive morning mindset to give you the torque that gets you through the rest of your day.

You may have thought about morning meditation in the past and thought it was too complicated…  it really is as simple as stopping and taking a few deep breaths before the chaos of the world starts coming at you :)

Looking forward to the torque you build in the week ahead! 

To Your Successes and Victories,
- Cheri

Cheri Ruskus 
Author, Business Growth Coach, 
and Founder of the Victory Circles