don't make the major the minor

Of course I have to start off this Monday’s letter with a big woo hoo as the sweet taste of victory is fresh in my heart!  The Denver Broncos are headed to the Super Bowl! Had such a great time yesterday hanging out with family as we were filled with such joy over the win. More fun to come and share in the weeks ahead, for now on to this weeks letter. . .

A few weeks back my husband and I set out on x-country ski’s on our property after a fresh snow. I relished in how cool it was to be the first to imprint our tracks in the new snow.

In my never ending mindset of of thinking about the parallels in life, it reminded me of the tracks we make in our business and life when we head down a new path of discovery. The freshness, the excitement and sometimes a little bit of fear when we are traveling somewhere or doing something we have not done before.

With that in mind, it brings a question for you this Monday morning thinking about this mornings quote, “Don’t make the the major the minor.” That question being, What is the big audacious goals in front of you for the year ahead that will allow you to lay those fresh tracks of going where you have not gone before? In other words, What would the goal look like that would put the biggest smile on your face and perhaps the face of many others by the end of 2014?

At times we can get stuck on the “realistic” goals, leaving us not to fully stretch towards what we want the most to achieve deep down in our heart and in our soul. That action or thing that would allow for us to fully live a life that fills us with joy and passion.

The cool thing is when you put it down on paper you can create other goals that will assist you towards the big audacious one.

One of the most elusive areas that keep small business owners in achieving the goals they want for their organization is the ever-changing modality of marketing. Especially marketing online. I hear questions like; How much is too much time to be spending on marketing? How much money should I be spending? What should I really be doing online?

As you head off into this third week of the new year, review your goals one more time and make sure that there is an audacious one on your list that scares you just enough to get your toes tingling. Pretend you are Peyton Manning and go with everything you have got for the goal! ;) This will get you reaching, as you lay fresh tracks towards a year full of possibilities.

Happy Trails!

Here is to Your Successes and Victories!

- Cheri

Cheri Ruskus 
Author, Business Growth Coach, 
and Founder of the Victory Circles