You don’t have to be great to start but you have to start to be great.
— Zig Ziglar

We are so lucky that every single morning when we open our eyes to a new day we get another chance to have a fresh start.

Life has a bunch of twists and turns. Some twists can bring us to our knees with overwhelm, grief, stress and despair. Others turns along the way are delightful surprises continuously bringing unexpected joy from the simple pleasures and simplicities of life that we all have at our fingertips.

The problem is that our extremely complex brains can get overwhelmed with tasks and then the stress slowly creeps in. Stress over time can have serious consequences.

So how do we maintain joy over time? The key to maintaining joy is how well we navigate the stormy seas within our own minds. How carefully we enter into our days respecting the power of our very own mindset.

I have spent many years refining my own morning routine and lately I have been seeing a growing need from my clients for creating a morning practice that creates positive energy for the day. Every day.

There is a huge need for entrepreneurs to move beyond the challenges and have a mindset full of clarity, creativity, and courage. Every day.

Today I am so excited to the release my latest online program: Morning Momentum. Every day for 21 days you will get a new lesson unlocked that will teach how to start your days in a whole new way.

What could be more important than the attention and respect you give to your very own mind, heart and soul at the very start of the day? The new dawn each day wipes the slate clean and gives us the chance to have a fresh start. 

In this program I will share with you the practice I have developed that gives me great joy and allows me to remove a great deal of stress from my life. Every day.

Over the course of 21 days (the number of days it takes to create a habit) I will give you the tools via a daily audio recording. By building your own personalized practice one day at a time it will allow you to start making your morning a time of personal empowerment. A time to develop a deeper understanding of what YOU want to have happen in the day ahead.

Here are the topics we will be covering:
Day 1 - Own Your Morning (unlock now)
Day 2 - Your Happy Place
Day 3 - Finding the Sunrise
Day 4 - No Alarm Clock
Day 5 - Coffee First Please
Day 6 - Spiritual Bliss
Day 7 - Excuses Be Gone
Day 8 - Journaling
Day 9 - Reading
Day 10 - Intention Cards
Day 11 – Meditation, Breathing, and Letting Go
Day 12 - Music for the Soul
Day 13 - Candles, Incense, and Essential Oils
Day 14 - Creating the Habit
Day 15 - Peace and Quiet
Day 16 - Daily Word
Day 17 - Acts of Gratitude
Day 18 - Being in Nature
Day 19 - Planning Your Day
Day 20 - Stretching Your Body
Day 21 - No turning back

$49 one-time fee for lifetime access

As a thank you for being a subscriber to the Victory Letter I'm going to give you 50% off! Use the coupon code VICTORY at checkout (expires 11/3/17).

Imagine finding the time in your life to give yourself an extra hour each morning starting tomorrow morning! You can step into your own morning groove that refocuses the way you are looking at the world. In the process… you are giving yourself the respect and attention you deserve. 

Question for Reflection
Today is a fresh start. Where are you going to take yourself?

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- Cheri

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