It may be cliché, yet I can’t help but ask this Monday before the 4th of July: what does Independence really mean to you?   

What gives you the freedom to live your life as you choose?  Or what perhaps takes your freedom away?  

And perhaps the bottom line is why do you allow your freedom to be taken away? Do you have a choice?  

All this month we have been talking about your creative freedom through the form of your imagination. In July we begin the delve to the Master Mind principle of your Unique Personality and what it brings to the table for you and those whose lives you touch.  

As the great poet Robert Frost shares in today’s quote, freedom indeed lies in being bold. So let me ask you the question… how bold are you?  

Not sure?  Then take this quick Freedom Quiz below…

  1. How much self-respect do you show to yourself each and every day? In other words how often do you stop to ask the 37 trillion cells in your body what it is that they actually need from you?  
  2. Those cells need every thing from eating good nutritious foods, to moving your body, to putting good things in your mind that keep it flowing in a strong and positive way?
  3. What are the components of your personality that make a positive impression in the world at large – especially in the world we spend so many of our waking hours in the world of business?
  4. When it comes to being bold how would you rate the simplest of things like your handshake for example?   Keeping in mind that this is perhaps the one and only time a business acquaintance has any actual physical contact with you?
  5. When you meet someone for the first time how truly authentic (from the inside out) is your enthusiasm in the connection?  
  6. How often during the course of the day do you catch yourself smiling both inwardly and outwardly for the world to see?
  7. Do you ever within the course of the day use the word “trapped” to describe how you feel about what ever task at hand you are completing?  In other words, you find yourself often doing things you really don’t want to be spending any of your time doing.
  8. Finally, what does the word independence mean to you?  Keep in mind the equation that money can’t always buy you happiness.  For you, what else can?

BE Bold! BE Free 

F      Fun Zone – as you look at your daily life where can you continuously add a little bit of fun into your day?  If you are finding yourself to serious too often you need to make a switch.  

R    Reliable Nature - Form the habit of being kind, gracious and inquisitive of others, allowing yourself to be the one others know they can count on without having them rely on you too much – it’s all about the right balance.  

E      Eye Contact - The eyes are said to be the stairway to the soul.  How much effort do you make to have eye contact and really get to know those that you do business with every day.  

E    Evolve – staying the same assists no one most especially yourself.  Think about yourself this same time last year – how have you changed?  What adventures (both big and small) came across your path?  Remembering that an adventure is simply a bold undertaking

D    Dominate Your Space – Make it yours 100% take no from no one.  

O    Outdo Yourself – Be one step better tomorrow than you were today.  

M     Make No Excuses – procrastination can be the biggest stumbling block to freedom.  If you don’t do the things that will give you your own personal freedom – it won’t happen.  Period.  

Head out into this week of celebrating freedoms looking at what can you do this very week to make the kind of difference that will make your individual world what you want it to be?  

Wishing you boldness and light! 

To Your Successes and Victories,

- Cheri

Cheri Ruskus 
Author, Business Growth Coach, 
and Founder of the Victory Circles