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Indian summer and the Fall season will take us this week to the ending of September and the beginning of October. Along with this change will be our wrap up of our conversations on the Master Mind Principle of Concentration.

So today, a final thought on the power of Concentration...

As a client and I discovered together this past week, mental filters are critical in one form or another to keep out the noise and distractions that can be all around us.

It’s difficult to concentrate with distractions that are constantly trying to get our attention. What are your greatest distractions?

Think of your distractions in three realms as you analyze the appropriate filter required to get the most focus in order to see what needs to be seen on a given basis. 

1. People - Who are the people you hang around most often?  Do they inspire you to take actions that matter to you - or perhaps only to them?

Use the people filter to pay attention in the course of your week ahead to those people who don’t have give the proper consideration of your time - also perhaps look to make sure your aren’t being the distractor to someone else. In contrast, who are the people that allow you to get things done and contribute in a number of ways to that process?

2. Places - Take a look around the place you do your daily work.  Is it organized in a way that makes you most productive?  Do you enjoy working in your space? Or are you finding excuses to constantly leave it to do something else....

Use the filter of a perfect work place that inspires you to be “in the zone” when you are working towards what needs to be done.   Get your work space organized - maybe even bringing in a professional organizer to assist you in a work space that only holds the items required to get the work done. 

3. Possibilities - While the opportunities in front of us are those things that get us charged up, do you have too many possibilities?  Especially those of you either at the lead of your own ship or managing others. 

Use the filter of planning to give life to the possibilities that matter most.  Give time lines to your potential possibilities.  Remember that it is okay to plan out two or three years in advance - those two or three years can allow the possibility to fully come to life in a way that is enriching and enduring for the long haul.

As we move toward the new Master Mind Principle of Cooperation this October, the People Filter becomes even more important to see who those colleagues, clients, and vendors are that contribute to the overall health and well being of your company. 

We kick off October with Founder and CEO of My Employees, David Long as our guest on Victory Circles Radio. Check out the info below as well as other events we have coming up this week. 

Try on these filters and give it your all. After all, putting our best foot forward gives back to ourselves and those whose lives we touch in so many ways. Share your favorite filter over on the blog. 


To Your Successes and Victories,   

- Cheri


Cheri Ruskus 

Author, Business Growth Coach, 
and Founder of the Victory Circles