at some point forgive yourself

It's interesting how we arrive on the planet without any instructions. We spend our first 18 years or so being raised by other people (for most of us, this would be our parents) who are also in the process of figuring it out. As we grow, the pressure of becoming an adult creates a demand either from within or from those around us to create a life of perfection.

Truly, it is amazing how simple we appear on the outside, and really how incredibly complex we are on the inside. Considering that the human body consists of 100 trillion cells... there are many, many moving parts that make up a single thought. Yet every day we can take our amazing human life for granted. Even more amazing, we can tend to get so upset if things don't go exactly according to our "perfect" plan. This usually occurs when we deal with other human beings, who have their own 100 trillion cell system operating in their body.

This is where forgiveness is such a beautiful tool to use on a regular basis. From the strangers that don't give good service in a store or restaurant, to the "jerk" that cuts you off in traffic, to those we love who don't act according to how we wish that they would.

Perhaps the biggest forgiveness that needs to happen is towards our own self. As I see it, we are a lifelong work in progress.  As Barbara Walters' shares in today's quote there comes a time when we must forgive ourselves for our mistakes and imperfections.  Coming from a woman who has managed such a long and successful career, recently retiring at 84 years young, I take these words to heart.

As we look into our Master Mind Principle of Your Unique Personality this month, just imagine the forgiveness issues that hold you back. Forgiveness - without a doubt - is one of the toughest challenges to face, especially when the results of someone else's actions have hurt you incredibly deeply.

A big life lesson for me along the way: forgiveness doesn't mean the other person becomes right and you are wrong. It also doesn't mean that you are any happier with something you did. What I have come to find for myself is that it simply means you are ready to let go of the weight and most importantly the stress that holding on to the issue has added to your body, mind, and spirit.

You might be asking yourself, "How does forgiveness help my business?" For those of us entrepreneurs, it is essential to practice forgiveness on a strict and regular basis. Running a business requires a huge effort, and lingering on previous issues only drags us down from our successes and victories! True forgiveness can attract all sorts of abundance into our daily lives.


I have one simple exercise for you in the week ahead as you ponder this word Forgive (which is actually the words for and give) ...

1) Write down the top 3 things you are having trouble forgiving yourself or someone for. Be honest! No one will see this list except you.

2) Take 3 deep breaths as you look at this list.

3) Read the words you wrote out loud, and at the end of each item say the word(s) : "I Forgive" 
Keep breathing through the mental chatter that will immediately flare up, and repeat the phrase as necessary.

4) Keep this list nearby throughout the week. Every time you look at it, take a deep breath and say to yourself "I forgive." The internal change that will occur over the week will definitely surprise you!


Lack of forgiveness is one of the most common obstacles I have seen in my 25+ years working with entrepreneurs. Put simply, forgiveness allows you to more fully enjoy your precious time on this earth and stop beating yourself up on a regular basis. That's when your true self can fully shine.

Wishing you a week ahead that takes you and your 100 trillion cells exactly where you want to go!   

To Your Successes and Victories,

- Cheri

Cheri Ruskus
Author, Business Growth Coach,
and Founder of the Victory Circles