operate from the inside out

Today’s Victory Letter pays homage to the power of the mind - especially as it applies to the game of golf. I am not talking about the business that one might get done on the golf course, but more the mind over matter in getting that little white ball to go where you actually where you want it to go.

At the beginning of the summer my friend Sue reached out and asked if I would be interested in taking golf lessons with her. It sounded like fun and especially awesome to spend some time with her.

We have known each other for years and years, yet the busyness of our lives has kept us from spending much time together. And so began my new found relationship with that little white ball.

Golf was a passion of my parents, leaving me to want to play well. Yet again with the busyness of life I never got around to really fully understanding and thinking through what was required to get that little white ball where I wanted it to go.

My husband Ed and I would hit the course from time to time, but sometimes husband and wife golf can be tricky…to say the least. We had some fun though – but knew it best to never keep score.

As my new teacher Courtney has given Sue and I instructions over the past few months, the analogy of golf to this month’s Master Mind Principle – Accurate Thinking - became so very crystal clear.

Golf and Accurate Thinking go hand in hand. Both involve mind over matter and putting lots of thoughts together correctly. The amazing part is the more I learn about golf, the more I am enjoying it. 

Here is my assessment on what it takes to think accurately in business and in golf.

1. Form is Everything – It’s your arms, legs, torso, and feet positions that make all the difference in golf. Mind over matter in assures that you are doing the steps you need to get the results you want.

2. Don’t Overthink by Practicing – There are some things you do now that initially wasn’t so easy. Just think of all you know how to do from tying your shoes to driving a car, to even writing your own name!

Once you got it down, it comes easy and naturally because you have done it over and over again. Imagine if you had to think through each of these tasks step by step as you did in the beginning… you would never get through your day!

3. Avoid Rushing – Rushing is when we don’t take the time to learn. And then once we learn it we don’t take the time to apply it because we are too “busy” and on the run. Slow down - it’s amazing what can happen.

4. Clarity = Power – Knowing where you want the ball to go can make a big difference. Just like knowing what you truly want in your life can help you think things through to get the best results.

5. Starting Over – Just when you think you have it down, you don’t practice for a week or two.. and walking back onto the green can seem like starting over. I am most definitely working on this one and making time in the month ahead to get some games in. Anyone want to play? ;)

It’s exciting as we think about thinking in the month ahead. I would love to know where is your most favorite thinking spot... Be it the golf course or wherever! Mine is my garden and on my bicycle. Where’s yours? Share your thinking spot in the comment section below.

Here’s to clarity and the power it brings for you in the week ahead.

To Your Successes and Victories, 

- Cheri

Cheri Ruskus 
Author, Business Growth Coach, 

and Founder of the Victory Circles