“Cooking is one of the most primitive things we can do for ourselves.” - Chef Bai

What if you had a habit that was keeping you from having the optimum health and mental clarity to do and be your best? Would you do something about it or try to pretend it’s just the way it has to be?

I think we could agree that each of us picks up big and little food habits along our journey in life that aren’t always the best option. What you may not realize is how the food habit is affecting not only your overall health but also your ability to fully concentrate on the things in your life and business that matter most to you.

Food after all is fuel, and we all know what happens when we don’t have enough or the right fuel…we run out of energy.

This week as I write this to you I am about to embark on a 14-Day challenge to eat only plant-based foods. Honestly, it is kind of freaking me out but something I am committed to doing. Even though I gave up eating all meat except for fish nearly a year ago the thought of stopping eating eggs and my beloved cheeses is a really big challenge for me.

My mom in her time on the planet used to give up any food or drink that she felt she had grown too dependent on every year during the Catholic 40-day season of Lent. This included chocolate, tea, coffee, wine, etc. And she would do it without fail. Her ability to always do this no matter what really impressed me. So, I can do just 14 days… right?

For this week’s podcast I share a conversation with my daughter, Bailey Ruskus, who is known to many as Chef Bai. She is leading the charge for this 14-Day challenge and shares some really compelling reasons to give this idea a go.

In our rich conversation she shares going from being a classically trained French Chef and all the meat and butter that came with that lifestyle to veganism as a way of life. She did it without sacrificing flavor as her plant based food is absolutely delicious!

Join the conversation in the podcast above and perhaps even the 14-day challenge if you choose. There is no cost except for your time and some courage. The good news is that you may just improve a habit or two along the way.

At the very least pay attention to the food you are putting in your body this week and the habits you have around this critical sustaining source in your life. The best news of all is that food doesn’t have to taste bad to be good for us!

Have an awesome week ahead and I will report in next week to let you know how I am doing on this challenge and would love to do it along with you! ;)

To Your Success and Victories,
- Cheri

Cheri Ruskus, Business Growth Coach
cheri@businessvictories.com • 303-652-1718 • @victorygirl

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