Every time I’ve had a bad performance at an event, I’ve come back more determined and focused.
— Shaun White

When we expect perfection without the practice and mistakes it requires, that is when procrastination can trip us up and stop us from ever getting into the game at all. 

One thing for sure in the Winter Olympics the athletes have once again proven in performance after performance that practice, practice and some more practice makes way for the ability to win gold. 

Some of the athletes have had their failures be part of their practice,failing along their way for the whole world to see. Snowboarder Shaun White is one of those competitors. 

He got back in the game after a number of defeats.  Even one just a few short months ago after a devastating fall that ended up leaving him with 64 stitches in his face.

That could have stopped anyone who was not dedicated to winning the gold.

Two elements required to achieve what you desire … 

The first element is focus.  When you watch Shaun’s final event at the 2018 games he was totally focused on his first run, lost some of the focus on his second run and fell… leaving him in second place. On his third run his complete focus returned and he won the gold!!

The second element is courage. Courage in fact allows for the focus because it removes the doubt that may be clouding our mind with negative self talk.  Courage pushes you past seeing anything but the result you need to get done right now in this very moment. 

The key is not thinking about the past or even the future.  It’s about right now as you mentally ask, “What can I do right now to give me the outcome I want to achieve.”

What could you accomplish out of the ordinary if you allowed your courage to keep you really focused?  What would you need to do to keep the unneeded distractions and negative self talk out of your way?

It’s when we get back up and do it again in our own unique way with focus and courage that we find our own version of perfection.  That “gold medal” that makes us a champion in our own minds eye.

What can you do this week to get you past your fears as you practice getting and actually being better at just one thing in particular?

Know I am here cheering you on and here’s some tools to also help you! 

Weekly ToolBelt


The Travelers Gift by Andy Andrews

This was the coolest book that a Victory Letter reader shared with me (Thanks again CJ!).  I sat down on a recent Sunday morning and read it in its entirety.   It’s the story of a man who is feeling lost and hopeless.

Without money to support his family and any sense of purpose he journeys back in time to get insights with historical leaders.  From Abe Lincoln to Christopher Columbus he gains insights on the courage they gained to get them through their darkest hours. Because we all have our darkest hours – the difference is how we get past them.


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Mens Halfpipe Gold Medal Run - 2018 Winter Olympics

with Shaun White

Here is a short video of Shaun Whites Gold Medal Run mentioned earlier in this victory letter. It is only about one minute long and I really like in this one how he is actually talking through the final run with us and sharing what that incredible moment feels like.

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