be a fountain not a drain

Stop for just a few minutes and see how this week's letter relates to you in your life right now, today. In other words, what is the metaphor you think of when you think of a fountain, and then the same with a drain?

We wrap up April and the discussions here at the Victory Circles around that element in all our lives we can struggle with from time to time - Self Control with Money. Then we begin on the first of May (Thursday if you can believe it!) talking about Leadership.

Interesting how these two principles overlap this week, as you think about how they overlap in life and business. Does money make us a better, more confident leader or does it somehow breakdown our fiber as a leader? Our own personal experiences within ourselves as well as the observance of others can probably best determine the answer to this for each of us.

For those of us of the entrepreneurial persuasion, money and leadership really can be the key in keeping our business and the visions we have for it in balance. And with that there must be a balance between what flows in and what flows out. What flows up and what flows down.

Drains can definitely come in pretty handy when we need them, especially when things in our world are overflowing. And then again, we don't want the drain to take things away too often or quickly when we are not fully ready. Nor do we want to be only the drain.

What happens when a drain gets clogged? In that case, the necessary elements that need to be flowing down and away can't. Think of the concept of a drain opener. It is designed to force the drain to reopen after it becomes clogged and is no longer functioning.

The drain opener can come in the form of critical decision-making that allows for us to move forward to keep the flow happening. Isn't that what a good thought leader does? Isn't that also what money can do when applied correctly?

A fountain can be looked at as that element that allows thoughts and ideas to circulate. As long as there is a source to refill it when needed, allowing again for the necessary flow.

There is also thoughts of peace and harmony that also comes with the idea of a fountain and all it provides.

Time to flow and go as you appreciate all that you in front of you. Have a glorious week ahead!

To Your Successes and Victories,  

- Cheri

Cheri Ruskus

Author, Business Growth Coach,
and Founder of the Victory Circles