believe that you can and you are half way there

How do you go about quieting your mind?

The great majority of us have heard from time to time the chirping in our head that chains us down - and results in us living and thinking thoughts we actually want nothing to do with...

When is the last time you quieted your mind to plant the seeds for the actual thoughts you wanted to be thinking? 

The truth is when you dedicate yourself to the life and thoughts you want to have, the necessary elements will be more inclined to come into fruition. The smallest adjustments in your daily routine and perception can make all the difference!

We have been talking about the Master Mind Principle of Imagination this month, and without a doubt it is an element that needs generous attention to allow our creative genius to come to life.  

Now there is an incredible process we each possess and have access to 24/7, yet we tend to blow it off. I know I personally avoided this process for way too many years! It's called meditation - the practice of quieting your mind. It has dramatically affected my life since I began the practice a few months ago, so I thought I would share the love!

There is a great resource I want to share with you this morning to have you thinking differently about the act of meditation:

Here is the professional stone balance work by my son Travis. It has been amazing to see his art evolve over the past few years! The balances in the images he creates are held together only by gravity and imagination. He is hoping to make the viewer become aware of their own internal chatter and limiting beliefs, and then leap past them! 

I have seen him teach both young and old alike how to balance their first stone, and the change that happens when they realize that they can actually do it is incredibly inspiring. 

Click here to see his latest release: Modern Stone Balance Theory

Would love to hear your feedback below on what you think about meditation. Until next week, here's to allowing your mind to get quiet so you can begin to think the thoughts you want to think!

To Your Successes and Victories,

- Cheri

Cheri Ruskus 
Author, Business Growth Coach, 

and Founder of the Victory Circles