Today marks that infamous money day most Americans dread – better known as tax day. Why is it that we put this date off so much? 1/3 of Americans don’t file until the very last minute even when interestingly enough 8 out of 10 Americans actually get a refund! 

Bringing to mind that it's important to pay pretty close attention and honor the value of a dollar and what it can bring to our lives. Not allow the stress of a belief or fear around to cause us unneeded worry and pain.   

When a “paycheck” is not an automatic function that happens every two weeks – those of us in the world of small business ownership know that you simply have to work hard, strategically and believe, in order to make the seemingly impossible, possible. Positive reminders are a must to keep your sanity in remembering enough is enough. 

And procrastination - it's simply not an option if you want to fully succeed.

Today’s picture is a fun reminder that I keep on my desk of a money win that happened for me during the recent Broncos win of Super Bowl 50. Not one to win money out of the blue too often, the cup acts as a gentle reminder that money can in fact come from the most surprising places at times.

While the cup alone might not be enough to retire on, it was enough to make me smile every time I look at it. The simple little things can show the elements of abundance that surround me.  What about you?  How do you remind yourself? 

With that I would love to share with you another Spot of Courage from Courage to Be Difference podcast series

Ep. 4 - Enough is Enough When it Comes to Money (7 min)

Here's to the courage to know and appreciate when you have what you need - and when to strive for more!

To Your Successes and Victories, 
- Cheri

Cheri Ruskus 
Author, Business Growth Coach, 
and Founder of the Victory Circles