Grace is free.
— Father Ed

This week’s letter took a bit more heart than usual to write, and as always I hope my words assist you with your journey as it stands now and moving forward.

Do you believe that there is a special enlightenment in your business that comes from being in the state of grace?

Grace is feeling free of judgment and allowing the truest form of our genuine inner self to come to the surface in the form of gratitude.  It allows us to fully honor our time and what we bring into the lives of others.

Grace has been heavily on my mind since I learned of the passing of my Uncle, Father Ed, and traveling to Southern California to say the final goodbye to him.  Having had a priest in the family has been such a privilege and a blessing in so many ways over the years.

Father Ed was there for countless important moments in my family.  Always bringing with him grace, a smile, and the most infectious laughter.  He always made you feel safe and somehow at peace.  His grace was always present even without him saying a word about his spiritual beliefs – you just felt it.

He was also greatly beloved by the people of his parish that he had been the pastor of for over 30 of his 60 years of being an ordained Catholic priest.  He passed away at the age of 89.  Although he owned very few materials things throughout his life, he always appeared so happy and content.

Many examples of his grace kept coming up as we celebrated his life together.  After the service I was standing on the steps of the church with my niece when a man walked up and shared how Father d had transformed and actually saved his life.

This man had been a gang member who had already been to prison twice in his 20’s when Father Ed invited him to find peace within himself.  He shared how he left the gang, met his wife and raised 3 happy children, getting them all through college.

We all have our own special mix of grace that I believe is a unique gift we each bring to the world.  No matter our faith or spiritual beliefs, the power of grace can give us great peace of mind.  The grace that Father Ed brought to my life will always be with me all the days of my life and my hope is that I can further his legacy by sharing my own form of grace as well with others.

I would invite you today to stop and think about how grace best serves you in your life today and who it is that you know that gives you the extra dose of grace at the times you need it most. 

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The Go-Giver Influencer

by Bob Burg and John David Mann

A Little Story About A Most Persuasive Idea.

I have been a big fan of the Go-Giver series since the initial Go-Giver book a decade ago. In cooperation and divine timing with today’s topic of grace, this book showed up just when I needed to read it on my trip to California. Hope that you enjoy it as well.  


See the Light by Claire Ryann

The little girl in this video, Claire Crosby, just makes me smile – sheer grace in this song.  Give it a listen and see if it raises you’re the beat of your heart.  ;)

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