We live in a digital world, but we are fairly analog creatures.
— Omar Ahmad

One of the important elements that I teach about marketing whether I am out on the road working with small businesses and non-profits in workshops or within the confines of the Victory Circles is the important role that leadership plays in our online world.

After all, if we don’t lead in what we share on and offline how do we think others will follow what we have to share in the expertise that we have acquired along our way? This comes through in how we share our knowledge on and offline. 

This past week I was delighted to share in a webinar led by my friend and colleague Dr. Gloria Miele founder of the Stronger Leader organization. Her webinar Leading in a Digital Age shared the soft skills required when you use emotional intelligence in your leadership practice. Yes, leadership should be something we practice on a regular basis.

There were four key steps she shared around this whole idea of embracing emotional intelligence as a leader:  

Step #1 – Self-Awareness

Essential to know others by knowing yourself even better first.  

Step #2- Self-Management

  • Balance the needs in your life to insure you don’t lose perspective when it comes to what you offer as a leader.  
  • Different settings require different management skills.  
  • Daily self-care is an essential part of the balancing act.

Step #3 – Social Awareness

Develop empathy of the emotional experience of others and taking perspective. She shared this great 2 minute Sesame Street video on empathy to further orchestrate this element.


Step#4 – Foster Teamwork Collaboration

Everyone is a leader and each position and the work we do requires the collaboration and work to improve the good for all.

Gloria has agreed to give my Victory Letter readers access to her webinar recording at no cost to further dive into this element.  It is about 40 minutes long and you can start this recording at 2:40 in to move past the pre-webinar chat.  She has a great offer in the webinar as well that is over today with her upcoming course of the same title.  Let me just share it is a great opportunity if you are wanting to up your game in this area.

Please remember we are all leaders and the better the leadership we can each create the better the world we live in becomes. This I firmly believe!


To Your Success and Victories,

- Cheri

Cheri Ruskus
Business Strategist and Founder of the Victory Circles
Email me: cheri@businessvictories.com