every day is a rededication

"Everyday is a re-dedication." - Apple

Every morning we have this unique opportunity to start over, to come at our lives with a fresh perspective.  

One of the reasons that I have come to love morning rituals is that it allows me to embrace the clean slate that hopefully a good nights sleep has created with it’s renewed energies.

So often we get stuck in our “story” of who we have become. Sure, there are the great and not so great things that happen in our lives that stretch across the spectrum of life experiences. But it’s what we do with those things that make us who we are today and who we are destined to continue becoming.  

In my work as a Business Coach I see many people getting stuck in their story, which is usually one of the reasons that they reach out for help.  One of my top responsibilities is help clear the minutia - those many self inflicted “to do’s” - out of the way in order to allow for substantial growth and opportunities to find their way to us.  

Clearing the “story” requires focus on the time in front of us. I believe this happens by starting your day in a positive way.  

Here is my morning ritual as it stands today:  

1) Wake up. (always a good start to any day!)  Usually around 5am.  

2) Turn on the coffee pot (which my sweet hubby usually has ready to go) and as I drink a cup of water I listen to the percolation of the coffee pot and notice how I am feeling today.  

3) With coffee in hand, I head into my library and sit down on my yoga mat. I light a candle that helps to illuminate these dark mornings of winter.

4) I create a positive tone for the day. Recently I have been listening to Buddify - a great app that assists with entering a positive meditative state.

5) I continue the session with a small reading from a favorite book. For the past year this morning reading time has been with Mark Nepo’s “Book of Awakening.”

6) Then I journal a thought or two of gratitude, along with random thoughts that are floating around in my early morning head.  

7) Do some strong stretches on the mat for a few minutes to fully wake up my body - and as I’m doing so I take in deep breaths.  

With this I am ready to strongly start my day. This full morning routine usually takes 45minutes to 1 hour, and is time well spent.

I can tell you the days that I don’t get this strong start or if I jump on my computer right away... I lose my full power for the day.  

I know there are many people - maybe even you - who wouldn’t consider starting their day without the input of the “news”.  My challenge to you as we begin the month of March is to Honor Your Time as we focus on this Master Mind principle in the Victory Circles.  

What a better way to honor your time then not listen to the noise of others and what they determine as news - losing site of what is directly important to you at the start of your day. By constantly hearing about things that for the most part are out of our control, we can immediately start the day off feeling like we aren’t in control of the life we live.  

What I love about morning meditation is that I get to determine what thoughts I get to start my day thinking. If this is not currently in your morning routine, give it a whirl and I think you will be pleasantly surprised.  

Wishing you a wonderful March with time to be who you want to be. As Apple so beautifully shared in today’s quote, make time every day to rededicate your most important thoughts.

Happy Monday and Happy March!   


To Your Successes and Victories,

- Cheri


Cheri Ruskus 
Author, Business Growth Coach, 

and Founder of the Victory Circles