Art is the elimination of the unnecessary.
— Pablo Picasso


The year of 2017 is now officially half over and it’s always a good time to stop, take a breath, and really see what's in your world that is and isn’t serving you in a most excellent way. 

Over the long 4th of July weekend I stayed home getting in some nice family time, some hiking, biking, gardening and diving into a couple of projects that I have come to think of as my mid year purge.

Purging, or cutting back as another way to think of it, allows you to take an introspection of things in your life that have overgrown or just piled up when you were busy paying attention to other things in your life. Easy to have happen when you are busy moving through all the activities that day to day of life brings our way.

The benefits are that it can free the mind in so many ways and is very good Feng Shui (system for harmonizing your environment) as well giving you the feeling like you have just been given more space and some great new energy.

In my garden, serious tending and cutting back is required in order for it stay healthy and allow upcoming buds to have the sunlight and water they need.

Indoors I tackled the kitchen desk area that had three major junk drawers – finding things I didn’t even know I still possessed. Then I headed into my home office and began clearing there as well, removing items that just were no longer serving my business.

With that said, how about you? What is it in your life that you could cut back on in order to help your inner self shine and get closer to seeing that Inner Selfie that I talked about last week?

Here are three quick tips to keep you moving forward with your cutting back projects:

  1. Baby steps
    Set aside the time and then take on the projects in small increments remembering not to get overwhelmed and give up.
  2. Get support
    Ask someone who respects what you want to do and also understands that you may need extra nudging around some resistance that can come up when you try to let things go.
  3. Visualize it completed
    Imagine the project done. Savor the freedom and energy you are about to get as you embark on purging the things that are no longer serving you!

Sometimes it can seem overwhelming and that’s where timing can help. Give yourself 30 minutes to start. Once you get started it can leave you rolling up your sleeves to cut more and more.

By eliminating what is overgrown and no longer serving you – it opens you up for the possibilities of what is ahead for the rest of the summer and the rest of the year ahead.  

Would love to hear from you on your cutting back projects that are upcoming or perhaps some that you have already completed. Please share in the comments below.

Here’s to cutting back in ways that serve you best. Happy 2nd half of 2017!

To Your Success and Victories,

- Cheri

Cheri Ruskus
Business Strategist and Founder of the Victory Circles

Phone: 303-652-1718