A flower does not think of competing with the flower next to it. It just blooms.
— Koshin Ogui

The Victory Circles kicks off the topic of Leadership for the month ahead. This Victory Letter has been designed to open your thinking on where you stand as a thought leader and embracing the curiosity required to make that happen.

The cool thing about having curiosity in your tool belt as a leader is that when done with the right perspective it opens you up to a great realm of creativity.  Creativity allows you to begin the process in speaking out loud as you share your discoveries and thoughts around them with the world.

These discoveries can come in all shapes and sizes. This includes a wide range of options from understanding a specific need of your target audience to coming up with an innovative new approach to have them hear your message.

We have been given an amazing set of tools in the last nearly 20 years with all of our options online (can you believe we have had the internet that long?). The key to making it a tool that fully works for you is getting clear in how you want to use the important elements including what I teach all the time around your website, email marketing and of course social media.

The question becomes how can you best share the message(s) you want to share with so much other noise out there? How do you keep your audience curious with the creativity you encompass in your business message?

A great motivator in driving your creativity forward is the passion that comes from the process.  The process of how you will share your thoughts online indeed takes  thinking, planning, and DOING.  Consistently taking action with the all-important doing piece makes the greatest difference.

This is one of the reasons I love Instagram so much right now as my social media platform of choice.  It gives me a space to be creative every single day, and see engagement from my followers.  It also allows me to hang out with other thought leaders whose ideas inspire me further.

As you head into the week ahead, think about using your curiosity and creativity to become a thought leader in your business.  Then take that key ingredient of action!    

Weekly ToolBelt


Discover the Power of Instagram

If you haven’t been spending any time on Instagram or just head over there once in a while I encourage you to get the app on your phone and start following those people who inspire you.  This will assist you in starting to inspire more people yourself and just imagine if we all just kept inspiring each other, what a powerful way to speak out loud. 

Learn the ins and outs of Instagram in a recent Webinar I did that was hosted by the East Colorado Small Business Development Center. It’s worth the listen and time investment I promise.  

Follow me on Instagram @VictoryGirl and get notified when I go live every Wednesday at 11am mountain for Wednesday Wisdom: 3 ideas to help you boost you through the workweek. See you on Wednesday!


Big Magic – Creative Living Beyond Fear by Elizabeth Gilbert

Take a new look at creativity with the brilliance of writer Elizabeth Gilbert in her 2015 classic. Even better yet listen to the Audible recording to hear her read it to you.  A great way to travel in your car, talk a compelling walk or putter around the house and garden.


Marketing Clarity Strategy Session

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Gain the strategy, tools, inspiration, and feedback to get your business moving in the right direction when it comes to your marketing efforts. Gain expert insights to remove the roadblocks that may have been stopping your marketing success from moving forward.

Immediately after you sign up for a session you will have access to our Victory Circles Members Area, where there is a marketing plan outline available for you to get a head start on.

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To Your Success and Victories,

- Cheri

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