“Harmonize with that moment that is in front of you.” – Michael Singer

With the summer solstice right behind us and the summer before us … what is your plan for tapping into the creative juices of summer?

June seems to always put me into creative overload which I believe is a good thing. This is the month each year that brings on my favorite time of year… summer. Flowers are in bloom everywhere and it smells so sweet from their fragrances when I walk out my door.

BTW…Thanks to all of you who sent sweet notes about the Victory Letter now coming every other week in honor of the 18th Anniversary of this letter. I tried to get back to as many of you as possible and if I somehow missed you know it meant a lot to me.

Now back to creativity as I can hear some of you say… “Creativity? I have no time for that I need to be making money.” Trust me I hear this quite often and am here to share with you today 3 reasons why creativity is so important to the profitability of your business.

1. Using your imagination leads to innovation and innovation is important to long term business success.

What is your latest innovation?

2. Creativity used on a regular basis within your business gives you a competitive advantage making you and your brand unique and interesting.

When do you create?

3. Being in creative flow is fun and studies show that when you and the team around you are having fun… you will be more profitable.

What do you consider creative fun in your business?

Want to know more on this topic? Listen to this week’s podcast above where I really break it down a whole lot more.

Remember that the treasures within you are your greatest treasure because you take them with you where ever you go. In other words, creativity is an inside job.

To Your Success and Victories,
- Cheri

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