The clearer and stronger your intention, the more quickly and easily your creative visualization will work.
— Shakti Gawain

Wrapping up the discussion this month about the importance of our imagination I would be remiss not to mention the importance of our imaginations in both good times and the bad times.  You could even say that we need our imagination even more in bad times!

Last week the unthinkable happened and my happy place, my garden, was pulverized (and yes that is the best word I can think of) by a severe hail storm.

I was in the middle of hosting the 2nd live webinar of the Good Marketing Vibes series when the storm hit and hit hard. I couldn’t see all that was happening with the storm outside but could hear the pounding of the hail and the thunder and lightning. I ended up cutting the webinar short and sharing with my participants a look outside to the craziness that was happening.

Initially I couldn’t even begin to foresee the devastation that had happened in 20 short minutes.  When I walked outside after the storm has passed, I saw the ground covered with golf ball sized hail. What I saw literally took my breath away! So many of my beloved flowers and plants throughout the garden were stripped down to shreds just leaving their stalks behind.

My zinnia seedlings – my pride and joy in the fall garden - at just 4 inches tall didn't survive the storm.  A few survived, but were barely hanging on.

Today I am sharing this with you not to have you feel sorry for me as I know others in Colorado had greater financial damage (and even tornados touching the ground) but to orchestrate, as I do in this letter, the importance of using our imagination to rise from unplanned mishaps of life.

Our businesses are no less susceptible to bad things happening than Mother Nature’s wrath at times. What brings us our greatest victories is what we do in those unplanned and unhappy moments to allow our imagination to pull us from the ashes.

This is where the elements of creative visualization come into play to help us move forward. The greatest businesses of all time have all had to rise from their falls.

In this week’s podcast I go into this in more depth and here is a quick guide to getting past what is stopping you by using your imagination to pull you through.

You have to feel the pain before you can deal with it. You just do because it will in turn give you needed strength.

Begin to see in your minds eye what you really want and need to do moving forward with the circumstances you have unfortunately been handed.

Use this vision that you see to move you forward.  Use the lessons learned, the pain felt to take you to where you want to go as you create your plan of action step by step.

Take Action - nothing will take you out of the pain of a mishap faster then doing something about it.

Having the rug ripped out from underneath us is never fun but it is how we will grow in our lives and in our businesses.  We can only cry about what is wrong for so long.  Then we need to get out there and do something about it.  As my sister so sweetly reminded me we have to look for the rainbow after the rain.  

I’m ready for the rainbow… how about you?

Ep. 32 - Creative Visualization

Courage to Be the Difference Podcast

In this week’s podcast I am sharing the importance in getting through the downers in life using our imagination to do so. Creative Visualization is a key component to help us rise from life’s challenges.


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