By letting go when the moment is right… the balance occurs.
— Travis Ruskus

Perhaps one of the hardest feats to accomplish in running a business today is not allowing distractions to pull us away from where we really want to go. These distractions put us at risk of not achieving the most meaningful tasks that sometimes seem the most difficult to accomplish.

These tasks I am talking about are the ones that make us unique as we get our messages out into the world.  Those unseen tasks that demand us to fully strive forward in achieving the vision that is brewing deep inside of us.

Moving past Creativity and Clarity, this week we look at Consistency.

It’s hard, if not impossible to find our groove and then share it with others if we jump from here to there without any rhythm. When we can consistently work at the elements that bring our greatest gifts into the world, a transformation begins to take place. I have seen it in myself and watched it manifest in others.

If you are only creating once in a while, then innovation and mastery will evade you. It’s just that black and white. You can’t gain any momentum when you don’t do the things that will take you towards that vision.

I have shared here in the Victory Letter about my son Travis’ artistic passion a number of times over the last couple of years as he has continued to evolve in his work in the art of stone balancing.

One of the greatest challenges Travis faces (along with many other creators) is that thousands of people are amazed by his work, yet because they have access to the internet and can view it for free… that amazement rarely turns into revenue.

It is indeed a balancing act between creativity and sales income that must be played out. Consistency to our craft can actually help us to get there if we find the right resources to sustain us. In Travis’ case he has created a 12-month wall calendar that can give you the ability to remember every day of the year to stay balanced and consistent.

You can see more of his work and grab your calendar here:


When we can financially support what we create, we find the essential groove that brings in the money while still making an impact in the lives of others.

I get asked all the time – how have you been able to consistently write the Victory Letter for over 15 years now? The answer for me is accountability. When thousands of people look to be inspired every Monday morning by this letter, I know I cannot let them down.

Through writing these words every Monday morning I have found my life’s calling and my initial vision to become a writer has become a reality. My passion isn’t steeped in growing a list - it’s always been about growing a message.

How much do you believe in the message you want to share? 

What is your commitment to sharing the message with others?  

Who holds you accountable to consistently create?

I encourage you to look at your daily calendar and notice how many times do you allow creative consistency the time it needs in sharing your greatest talents.

Stop thinking and start doing. Consistently take that next step. The cool thing is that once you create something and let it go out into the world, that’s when the vision becomes a reality.


To Your Successes and Victories,
- Cheri

Cheri Ruskus 
Author, Business Growth Coach, 
and Founder of the Victory Circles