Life isn’t about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself.
— George Bernard Shaw

How often do you put “time to create” or something to that effect on your calendar? 

I am talking about both the things you create within the scope of making a financial living and the things you create as a way of having a joyous life?

All this month we have been talking about the power within our imagination. Our creativity is a huge contributor to the way that we bring together the marketing components in business. The power within it gives us abundant opportunities to create something that was not there before.

We can take the plethora of tools available to us and use them to delight our current customers with what we offer the world - while also introducing our ideas to new customers. The key is to consistently get into the zone and utilize our creative mind (and yes we all have one). It can be in words, visual images, or even using the power of sound.

However, it can be very intimidating leading us to mostly avoiding the critical element of marketing.  Overwhelm in this area can also sadly lead to doing nothing at all. Or, dabbling in it just a little bit and then proclaiming that marketing doesn't work. 

This is a huge problem in business because your creative branding is the variable between you and your competitors. If you’re not uniquely creative, then you just blend in with everyone else.

With this in mind, here on the longest day of the year, I thought it would be a great opportunity to invite you to attend a webinar I will be hosting on the topic of Marketing with Confidence. I will be sharing the elements that will help you consistently stay innovative with your marketing and stand out from everyone else.

Sound like something you might want take an hour out of your week to dig a little deeper into? Join me tomorrow on Tuesday the 21st at 12 pm MST (2pm EST).  If you can’t make it live, go ahead register and I will send you the video recording of the event for whenever you have the time :)

Just imagine what your life and business might look like if you were able to create all that you envision and more. If you had time to implement all those great ideas that are swirling around in your head.

A good thing to remember is that after today, the Summer Solstice, the days start to get shorter from here. So why not start now?

The Summer Solstice holds a strong place in my heart, because 7 years ago on this day my mom took her departure from the planet. A gentle, yet difficult reminder of how life is short and it’s our duty to act on all those great ideas before time runs out.

In my mom’s honor I will close today's letter with a poem she created and left for us among her belongings. Another great reminder that the things we create are not just about us, but the lives we touch in the process. 

Do not take this moment lightly, for it is the most important moment of your life.
It is all there is of the present.
Live it to the fullest, for it will never come again.
All that has gone before it is a memory,
And all that will come after is only a hope or dream of future things.
It is more than the beginning of tomorrow and the end of yesterday.
Make it a great moment, it is your life right now and you will never live it again!
— Jeannine Landreau

Happy Summer! Looking forward to see what this season of abundance brings us.