Do no harm, take no sh*t.  – Yoga Girl

Well, let me tell you about this cracked screen situation. Recently I had the first time ever experience of cracking my cell phone screen.

Some might say I have been lucky to have gone this long without cracking one – especially as much as I use this ever-present device in all aspects of my life. The funny thing was that I had a protective shield on the screen and for about a week because I didn’t want to know whether it was the shield or actual screen that was broken, I tried to ignore the situation.

Finally, one day I found myself working with a client sharing some Instagram tips and tools and of course needed to use my phone to effectively do so. In that moment I realized how silly it was that I was not facing my cracked screen.

As soon as she left I pulled the shield off and sure enough it was the shield that was cracked not the phone. Cost to replace? $5.99. The irritation it took away from having to look constantly at a cracked screen – priceless.

I share this with you today because it is a reflection of how we can put up with so many things in fear of what “might happen” if we try and fix the problem. Putting up with things in our life, or world, that we could have been made so much better by making the extra effort. Of course, adding to the effort, is the courage to face the problem or situation by taking the lead to fix the problem.

Embracing our own overall leadership skill sets can be like that as we look at what we like and don’t like in other people’s leadership styles. We can fear fully taking the leadership reins in our business or community in fear that we will uncover something that we can’t handle or control.

While there are many ways to look at leadership. Yesterday in an Instagram story I heard the simple words, “Do no harm - take no sh*t”, as shared in today’s quote by Yoga Girl aka Rachel Brathen on the topic of you being you. This got my attention as I thought wow, that’s leadership in a nutshell. Because after all leadership actually starts from deep within each of us as we look at doing good in the world.

From within our cracked beings sits the jewel, the flower of our greatest selves and the gifts we can give to others in the process.

Add in a few other essential leadership ingredients and you are heading towards being the leader that you would want at the helm of your business, community, country or even your own inner family.

On today’s podcast I share some of the gems from this past weeks Growth Mastermind on the Authentic Leader that I facilitated. This includes the 5 Leadership Essentials of Communicator, Peacekeeper, Motivator, Visionary, and Caregiver.

What have you been putting up with for too long that a little tenacity and leadership skills could take care of for you and the world around you? 

Break free from the chains that bind you and make it a great week ahead!  

Thanks to @Zoltan_Tasi for todays beautiful picture.

To Your Success and Victories,
- Cheri

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