anyone can hold the helm when the sea is calm

As we begin another week in our lives I am going to ask you to think about the conversations that that will unfold in your life in the week ahead and beyond.  

Not just any conversation, but rather the ones that will have meaning. The ones that matter the most to you and those people you share words with along your way.  

In Latin, the word conversation is “to breathe life.”  As we continue to delve into the many aspects of the Master Mind Principle of Leadership – the ability to have meaningful conversations is the foundation for all good leaders.  

A number of years back when my mom was still here on the planet we had a series of conversations that I will cherish forever.  Those particular ones that I am thinking about right now came to be when I had planned to spend a week with her at her home in California.  Due to my family obligations here in Colorado it turned out that I couldn’t go.  

Deeply disappointed and missing her greatly, we made a date that every early evening during the week I was supposed to be there we would have a glass of wine together over the phone.  

The idea was that we would discuss the topics that mattered most to us.  And we did this for a week solid with our longest conversation lasting 3 full and joyful hours.  Oh what I wouldn’t give to have taped those and listen to them today. Those conversations have now become a part of who I am today.  

Conversations come in all shapes and sizes. Head over to the blog to dig a little deeper and learn more about the 7 types of conversations .

The 7 types of conversations

Time Passing Conversation – These are the conversations that happen and make up our lives from the moment we get up in the morning until we go to bed.  They can be as brief as saying, “Good Morning.”  They don’t matter too much – they just are.  

Soul-to-Soul conversation – Really listening to what the other person has to say, as you dig in and get what matters most to them.  Encouraging words that lift you and the person you are talking to up to reach further in your aspirations of life.  

Laughing Conversation – A much lighter conversation – one where you get to laugh and sometimes can’t stop.  The whole point of this banter is to make you smile and be joyful as you share funny antidotes and circumstances to life’s current events.  

Inner Conversation – This is where meditation comes into play.  Probably one of the best descriptions I have heard along the way about the practice of meditation is that you have to get into your head in order to get out of your head.  Meditation quiets your mind and allows you to hear the most important thoughts going on in your head.  As with any good point of dialogue the more you practice the better you become at it.  

Written Conversation – In today’s word we do this form of communication more and more.  From social media to the many emails we exchange each day.  How is your written communication and does it make a difference to those you share yours with?  Does it make a difference to you?  

Caring Conversation – This is the calm conversation where your sole goal in having it is to make the other person feel better about themselves and their life circumstances.  Sometimes it can be better than any form of medicine for anyone whose heart or body is ailing.  

And finally…

Courageous Conversation – the one that all Leaders in this world must have on a regular basis – perhaps it could also be called the honest conversation, or the direct conversation.  There is no mincing of words you just get to the point.  Have you ever noticed that the people who move mountains along their way are genius at these conversations and have mastered all forms of conversation along with this one?  

Think of those conversations you have had in your life which have made all the difference. Those words shared with someone who matters most to you in your life and the ones that have made you who you are right now today. 

Transformation can come from a single conversation.  The conversation with a customer that will allow a shift in your relationship, the conversation with a person in the position of allowing change to happen, the conversation with a child that they remember all the days of their lives.  

The conversation with someone who has diverse opinions that differ from your own can be a bit frightening to get started and that is where courage comes into play.  Maya Angelou had this to say about courage, “Without courage you cannot practice any other virtue consistently. “ 

Courage and the words we use matter.  It’s all about the way we put them all together.  

Where can you be more courageous in your conversations as you set out into your week?  How can you fully put your ideas on the table while forming them together with the ideas of others?    

Have a fantastic time putting your words together this week both verbally and written.  You never know what great conversations will unfold.

To Your Successes and Victories, 

- Cheri

Cheri Ruskus 
Author, Business Growth Coach, 
and Founder of the Victory Circles