The word courage has come up many times during the past couple of weeks. One of those ways was a direct question to me from two very different places. Both times the question shot right through me like an arrow, bringing every fiber of my being to attention:

What would you do differently if you were being totally courageous?

I really gave myself much introspection with this question – including pondering it during a recent hike up to the Royal Arch here in Boulder (See pics over on the blog).

Sure, my schedule especially moving into September has been incredibly demanding. Yet I felt there was more to what I was feeling other than just the fact that I was “busy.”

I found myself blaming the problem my tendency towards ADD symptoms (which I readily admit as an entrepreneur I can get a full dose of on a regular basis).  

Something was missing in all this busyness that wasn’t allowing me to reach my full potential and purpose. What I finally had to admit to myself after much introspection was that it was a lack of courage that really was throwing me completely out of whack!

Have you ever felt this way? 

While some people (including myself to be sure) might look at the things ahead as already pushing the envelope, I further had to ask – was I pushing the right envelopes?   

Was I fully underestimating my potential and not fully playing the game I needed to be playing?

September is a month that finds us easily overfilling our plates with a lot of to do’s.  How about the “to be’s” that designate what you want to become.

What if we started each day with not only looking at what we have to do, we looked towards each how we wanted to feel and wanted to be. How do you want to be enjoying your life right now in this day ahead and how do you touch the lives of those around you in the process?

In one of her many great talks, Brene Brown talks about the fear that shame brings. By asking the simple question: “am I meaningful?” Each of us needs to answer individually because we each march to the beat of a different drum. 

If you have been thinking that ADD symptoms have gotten the best of you, I want to share this week some great insights from the book, Driven to Distraction.

There are certain common signs of not putting your best foot forward when it comes to looking at courageously at the way you concentrate. Below please enjoy The 19 Keys of ADD.

Pick one or two out of this list that you want to change that show up most often for you. So many things can change when awareness is brought to the table… Wishing you great courage to make a difference - today and tomorrow!

To Your Successes and Victories, 
- Cheri 

Cheri Ruskus 
Author, Business Growth Coach, 
and Founder of the Victory Circles