Freedom’s just another word for nothin’ left to lose. Nothin’, don’t mean nothin’ if it ain’t free.
— Janis Joplin

This past week I shared my last live Instagram workshop for 2018.  One of the biggest concerns that kept coming up for the small business owners and non-profits in the room was time. How would they find the time to add another task into an already full day? Even if it would improve the results of what they were already doing.

As I took the scenic two-hour drive towards home after the event through the beautiful mountains of Colorado, I thought about the element of time and my own desire to implement new ways to improve my business. Especially with the realization that the bright shiny new year of 2019 is just weeks away.

Weaving through my thoughts was the words of a Victory Letter reader who had responded to the last Victory Letter on the topic of implementing ideas. Rick Laughlin, FAPLD, QWEL, UNLA, GWA, WNLA, PPA, NALP is a Landscape Design Architect I had the opportunity to a few years ago to meet at a workshop I was teaching in Salt Lake City.

Rick reached out and said, “For me most ALL of my ideas or goals become reality since I set those goals and never, ever let any one or any thing, or excuses get in the way until I achieve my goals.”

Well of course I had to learn more because as you might remember I had shared last week that only 8% of the population (on average) achieves their goals. I asked Rick to share his top reason for achieving such an awesome way to be. Here is what he shared… it may surprise you, as I know it did me;

“About 15 years ago I had a minor stroke… I changed everything in my life taking control of my time 24 hours a day, not stressing about anything and always sticking to my short and long-time goals... everything else: the interruptions, the negative people, etc. are just inconveniences!!! I am really NOT a part of this modern day, upside down, crazy world that we live time is all mine and I am totally FREE!!!

Thank you Cheri!”

Wow – as simple and complex (if you can’t break free of the ties that bind you) as that.

We speak of freedom often as a nation here in the US but how often do we honestly feel it?

I don’t know about you but as I make my plans for 2019 in these weeks ahead freedom in the form of peace of mind as Rick shared is at the top of the list for me.

No more “woulda, shoulda, couda’s" for this victory girl! Are you in with me? I have some exciting things to share in the weeks ahead about new workshops, a free monthly Victory Circle Master Mind call, and additional coaching programs to assist you in your journey. 

Here’s to making the plans in the weeks we can actually implement.

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To Your Success and Victories,
- Cheri

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