excuses are the destroyers of dreams

Sometimes life is not always easy, and easy actually feels like an insignificant word at the moment, to get all the things done that can be required of us in a single day, week, month or year for that matter.

On Saturday morning I woke up and looked out my bedroom window to see the sunrise, excited for the weekend ahead of me. As I looked from the sky to our field below I saw what I had hoped not see - serious frost all over the grass.

In a panic, I ran out to the garden to see a layer of frost on everything - and quite honestly - I cried - not wanting to say goodbye to my beloved garden with the coming of fall and subsequently winter.  

On Thursday night I had done what I could in the cold rain running around in the dark with a flashlight headband on covering, clipping and bringing in my potted plants. With warm days forecasted after the cold snap I knew in theory I could hang on to my garden for a bit longer if I did the work required.

And Friday night after coming home from dinner with a friend, I trusted the reports that it would only get to 40 degrees and didn’t cover the garden beds with the plastic that lay ready to go nearby. Yes, I had given myself the excuse that it would be okay and that I was just too tired after a busy week and wanted to head to bed.

With luck on my side, and the frost happening so close to dawn, the sun filled day didn’t allow Jack Frost enough time to do too much damage to the plants. You better believe on Saturday I gave the garden the time it needed to begin the harvesting with the only real thing lost was the majority of our basil.

What have been some recent excuses you might be telling yourself that could be robbing you of your dreams especially the big and important ones that matter most to you?

Sit down and write the obstacles sitting in front of you that created the excuse to begin with...  

Which one is the result of putting things off? 

Which one is self imposed and perhaps has a little (or a lot) fear mixed in with it?

Which one is centered on blaming someone else for the obstacle?   

Which one can you easily rectify by putting your complete focus on resolving it...possibly even as quickly as this week?  

By getting focused on what is needed to change the “story” can really make all the difference. We possess the ultimate power that can change the course of our lives.

Watch yourself this week and every time you say you can’t do something see if there is an excuse lying behind that “can’t” and how you can rectify it. In other words, contain that excuse...nip it in the bud...stop it from spreading further in your life.

I really encourage you to focus on one excuse you have been telling yourself for too long and look at what it will take to push through it this week.

Allow your actions to take you closer to something you have been dreaming of and wanting in your life? Share your excuse below to give you the momentum to contain it, as you proclaim your intention out loud to the world!

Know I am cheering you on every step of the way!

Happy discoveries as you end an excuse or two! 

To Your Successes and Victories,  

- Cheri