Never bend your head. Always hold it high. Look the world straight in the eye.
— Helen Keller

What do you spend the most time concentrating on each day? What do your thoughts propel you towards?

Think of the best of the best in any sport, creative or business endeavor.  What do they focus on?  They focus on the gain. Not past performance or what could possibly go wrong, they concentrate on the gain of making it across the finish line.

Saturday, the Fall Equinox happened, and the official days of Indian Summer are in full swing here in Colorado. I am reminded on a daily basis of the seasonal change that is happenings all around us as I find myself flip flopping with the regret of saying goodbye to summer as I think  with anticipation to the change and appreciation of the cooler days ahead.

I should fully be spending my days tending towards business for the winter months ahead but still have the opportunity to spend countless hours in my garden to insure I get the most out of the fall harvest.

What do you want to work towards?

Are you living with regret of what was and no longer is?

Or, are you stuck in the fear of moving forward and getting out of your comfort zone?

Perhaps like me you have your thoughts flip flopping.

I had a student in one of my trainings this past week that had returned from a training the week before.  He told me that he was back partly because of something I had said the previous week.  He shared that it had profoundly affected him.  Of course, as someone who spends her days working to empower others he had my complete attention.

What he shared is that in my discussion about social media, I said there comes a point when you just have to jump off the cliff. You just have to go for it.

I loved the impact of these words for him and it reminded me of an entrepreneur I worked for many decades ago who had an entire wall of his office depicting the Grand Canyon.  When I asked him the first time I walked into the office why – he said it was a reminder to himself every single day that he needed to always be stepping off of the cliff.  Fear could not stop him.

What would change in your world if you focused only on the win?  If you found the courage, and yes courage plays a huge role in all of this, to step off that cliff that has been stopping you (think Thelma and Louise). Or as we went on in the class that day to talk about what if you let go of the side of the pool and swam towards the deep end.

The truth is it’s not enough to just start a business you have to be willing to do those free falls every once in a while.  I have to harvest the herbs in my garden even when the weather is beautiful out because I know that times will quickly change and I want those delicious herbs all winter long.

I hope you enjoy today’s podcast and concentrate on the win!

Courage to Be the Difference Podcast

This week’s podcast is with Helen Williams, Founder and Flavor Master of Best One Yet – Vegan Ice Cream.  Helen is a woman who had the courage to step past her comfort zone and fully start a new business, in a new state, doing something she had never done before. We talk in length about the element of fear and what it takes sometimes to just go ahead and do it anyway.

Helen shares her scary moments that have led her to “the magic of making ice cream.”  A perfect way to start wrapping up summer in a most delicious way.

To Your Success and Victories,
- Cheri

Cheri Ruskus
Business Strategist and Founder of the Victory Circles

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